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How to Reiki Plants ~ Spirit of Working with Plant Allies

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

To be honest, when I used to get a plant, there was a 70% chance it would end up in my plant graveyard. Nowadays I'm happy to say that's changed somewhat! I do now have several long term plants that have lived with me for years, and it seems a little bit like a miracle. You see, I always wanted to be that amazing green-thumbed woman with the thriving jungle of houseplants pouring out of her living room, but for many years plants usually died within a month of being in my care. Then I learned how to Reiki my plants.

Students are often surprised to learn that Reiki energy healing can be used on plants as well as people. Remember, Reiki is life force, so the energy benefits all things. When I first began to Reiki my plants, I would simply hover my hands over the top of them and envision a shower of violet Reiki light pouring down on their leaves. It felt like a gift I was offering.

hands hovering over a green plant with the words Plants love to receive healing energy

Plants are amazing, conscious beings. Many traditions around the world respect that plants have a unique wisdom to offer humanity, and that this wisdom of both spiritual and scientific.

In mainstream western culture we're still catching up with these understandings. However when we give Reiki to the plants around us, we create bonds, similar to the bonds of friendship you create with people in your life with whom you have loving conversation.

The plants come to know us, and over time, they support us by sending messages to our energy field, just as the plants and trees communicate through soil and plant pheromones in the forest.

People who tend and work closely with plants often find their intuition growing stronger, and their spidey senses around safety and danger extremely accurate. The plants communicate in a network across the earth, and as we send loving energy to the plants, we are gently returned into the fold of earth consciousness.

The plants communicate in a network across the earth, and as we send loving energy to the plants, we are gently returned into the fold of earth consciousness.

Now, some of you may be reading this and wondering, "What is Dailey smoking?" Haha. I'm not smoking anything; for years I worked at a strong intermediate level with dried herbs, creating successful healing salves, soothing tummies, and healing the body, and yet I couldn't keep an ornamental plant alive to save my life.

When I began to do Reiki on the plants, my consciousness began to shift. I saw that I was doing Reiki with the plants, and that these plants had a lot to teach me about tending my own spiritual body, rather than living in the practical plant medicine knowledge in my head.

picture of Dailey Little Reiki Master smelling flowers and reflecting on Reiki for Plants

Doing Reiki with plants, I started to notice how ungrounded I was, and that my house plants often died because I was not tending them with basics, just as I was not tending myself.

As I learned to slow down and give myself unhurried water, food, rest, and love with consistency, I found that it was much easier to do so for my houseplants.

Adding occasional fertilizer and repotting taught me the importance of giving myself celebratory windows, deep nourishment, and bigger spaces in life to play in.

I went from, "Please dear God just keep this plant alive," to truly cherishing each plant and learning how to offer this same awareness to other areas of my own life and loved ones.

I'm still not a plant lady, but I'm getting there. I've now learned how to come out of my mental body and exist in spiritual space with these delightful green friends.

So, HOW do you offer Reiki to plants? Here are a few options:

green house plant with hands sending Reiki healing energy and the caption How to Reiki Your Plants


  1. Hands Above. Lay your hands above your plants and offer a shower of Reiki light for 5-10 minutes, allowing yourself to be in a divine flow with your plant. Envision its green leaves with eyes closed, or flow Reiki through your eyes and hands as you look.

  2. Hands On. Take some time to place fronds or leaves between your hands in a delicate sandwich. As you do, envision the strong structural shape of the plant whirring with life. This is especially helpful where you have tips of the plant that are cut off.

  3. Reiki Water. Lay hands on or above your filled water pitcher to charge the water with Reiki. You can even tone the symbols if you've taken level 2. Then simply water plants as you normally do.

I love to keep tending the plants as a very simple activity. I've noticed for myself, as a former member of the certified black thumb brigade, that I work best doing simple repetitive actions for the plants.

As I water, I envision Reiki pouring into the soil. When the plants looks a little droopy, or if I've neglected them, I add a few drops of rescue remedy flower essences to the water, and then I spend some time giving them a Reiki shower with my hands hovering above.

Potted plants really do need fertilizer or fresh soil to keep living. They need occasional pruning and tending. Sometimes they need to be repotted. Rather than thinking of these things as chores, it helps to see them as a part of your own self-care regime, giving yourself slow time to reflect on life as you tend to the plants in your space, or in your garden.

If you are extremely time challenged, or you are forgetful, then set an actual date.

Yes, a date.

Yes, as if you just called your BFF and you both decided to meet up for a few hours next month. That kind of date.

Set a date in your calendar to be with your house plants or garden. Look forward to it with anticipation. Think of it often, sending Reiki into the vision. Will you have music? Small snacks? Do you need to pick up some fresh pots, or dig out your manicure scissors for some delicate cutting? Maybe you'll read a cool plant book on that day, after you water the plants...

Really it's just about bringing more love into your day-to-day life. If you'd like more tips on Reiki, be sure to join my Facebook group (it's totally free, and lots of fun) at: Reiki Healing & Manifesting Tips. See you there! 😊❤️


Reiki Master and Priestess in Santa Rosa California

DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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