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Healing Heart Reiki

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About Healing Heart Reiki

In 2008 I (Dailey) was putting my young son to bed when a surprising vision of a healing center was gifted to me by my loving guides and angels. Filled with doubt, I nevertheless followed up with physical action, translating my years of experience in psychic intuitive work, buddhism, and metaphysical teaching into a unique heart centered healing studio, Healing Heart Reiki of Santa Rosa

Today, Healing Heart Reiki hosts a thriving community of students, clients, and healing practitioners all devoted to healing through joyful empowerment. Our community is currenty approximately 350 people strong, though we tend to gather in groups ranging from 2 people to 40 people depending upon the day, time, and event. I love watching people develop the skills to move through their spiritual and emotional blocks like ninjas dancing on treetops, haha! Through metaphysical classes, sacred ceremonies,  private one-on-one healing consultations, laughter, and mystic spiritual adventures, we learn to honor our innate gifts. 

HHR is an inclusive community that welcomes people of all cultures, genders, religions, and perspectives in the spirit of love and respect. We adhere strictly to ethical guidelines set forth by the International Association of Reiki Professionals, as well as the precepts of Reiki founder Mikao Usui. 

HHR teachings sometimes include shamanic and other forms of energy work from Egyptian, African Diaspora, Goddess, New Age, and Angelic traditions. In these instances, our ethical standards are rooted in the understanding that we are all connected by universal life force; in the spirit of compassion we seek first to Do No Harm in manifesting our radiantly empowered futures. To learn more about classes and certifications, check out our other links. To learn more about the people behind HHR, see below! 

I hope you will come visit us soon!

many blessings,

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT 

  • Beneath the Office Crepe Myrtle Tree
    Beneath the Office Crepe Myrtle Tree
  • Mystics & Seekers Meetup Events
    Mystics & Seekers Meetup Events
  • Meet Your Angels Workshop
    Meet Your Angels Workshop
  • Reiki at the Beach
    Reiki at the Beach
  • Reiki in the Redwoods
    Reiki in the Redwoods
  • Practitioners honing their skills at the Monthly Reiki Share
    Practitioners honing their skills at the Monthly Reiki Share
  • Meditations on the Beach
    Meditations on the Beach
  • Beach Cleanups
    Beach Cleanups
  • One of our beloved office stones.
    One of our beloved office stones.
  • Healing Begins Within. Heal from the Inside Out.
    Healing Begins Within. Heal from the Inside Out.
Beneath the Office Crepe Myrtle Tree
Beneath the Office Crepe Myrtle Tree


Rev. Dailey Little, RMT -- Energy Healer | Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner | Isis Priestess

Dailey Little founded Healing Heart Reiki. She is a Reiki Master, Metaphysical Teacher, and intuitive healer with over 15 years of spiritual group facilitation. She offers the "medicine" needed according to the time and ripeness for change. The divine messages she channels are Love. She welcomes the gift of Ancestors, Angelic (or high vibrational) Guides, and Nature into the healing process. Dailey holds a loving, non-judgemental space in which people of all faiths can connect with the truths that empower them. An ordained Priestess of the Isis tradition, Dailey honors the Divine in all things.  Dailey works selectively with clients and students who have a deep committment to personal transformation, who aren't afraid to take responsibility for their shadows in order to discover their own brilliant light. You can read about Dailey's journey here.

Pearl Greenlaw -- Reiki Master & Admin Guru

Pearl Greenlaw is a Reiki Master Practitioner, and the Registrar for the school side of Healing Heart Reiki. Channeling Life Force Energy through Divine guidance and love, she is able to share the healing energy of Reiki. A Minister with the Universal Life Church her ministry is one of healing through unconditional Love and Spirit and a belief that we are all wholly and fully connected to each other, the land, the sky...the universe as a whole. You can reach her directly at: 707-494-5204

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