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About Dailey Little

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My name is Dailey, and I am a full time life coach and spiritual teacher. I have over two decades of experience in the industry and I am certified in both life and business coaching.

In 2008, I received a powerful vision from my guides and angels to create a healing center. At first, I was filled with doubt and uncertainty about my ability to bring this vision to life. However, I trusted in the wisdom of my guides and followed my intuition.

I used my years of experience in psychic intuitive work, Buddhism, and metaphysical teachings to create Healing Heart Reiki, a unique and heart-centered healing studio.


We operated out of a magical space above the Flying Goat in Santa Rosa's Railroad Square for many years. Today, as a result of the pandemic, we have adapted to offer 95% of our classes online.


I Believe...

As a life coach and business coach, I specialize in empowering individuals to improve their overall wellbeing. I create a safe and inclusive space for people of all backgrounds, and my approach is guided by the principles of Love and Respect. I am a teacher in the healing community and as a Reiki Master Teacher, I strictly adhere to ethical guidelines set forth by the International Association of Reiki Professionals, as well as the precepts of Reiki founder Mikao Usui, even in coaching/consulting.

I incorporate sacred teachings into my coaching and mentoring work beyond Reiki, drawing from Egyptian, African Diaspora, Goddess, Buddhism, and earth magic traditions. I prioritize compassion and the principle of 'Do No Harm' in my teachings, helping individuals manifest their radiantly empowered selves. I have a proven track record of helping many students develop their own holistic practices. My goal is to guide energy healers and people with a vision on their business and personal journey, by using my leadership and expertise.

many blessings,

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT 


~ Oh The Adventures We Will Have . . . !

Are You:

✔️ Struggling with stress, anxiety, self doubt, or lack of self care, and want to improve your overall well being? 

✔️ Dreaming of becoming an energy healer to help friends or family members who are dealing with physical, emotional, or spiritual issues?

✔️ Craving a deeper understanding of energy healing and how it can be used to improve well-being? Balancing and clearing your energy centers?

...Then you would love REIKI 1 TRAINING!

✔️ Looking to deepen your connection with your body, emotions, and desires so you can create more intimacy and better communication in your relationships?

✔️ Ready to tap into your sensual or sexual power to use as a source of creativity in your life? Want to master your power?

✔️ Seeking a safe and reflective space to working through grief, or feeling numb after a traumatic experience?