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Dailey Little from Healing Heart Reiki

Hi Loves,
I'm Dailey!
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Hi friends, I'm Dailey. As a life coach guide and Reiki Master Teacher, I'm here to support your in your journey towards self-discovery and healing. When I started to learn about Reiki healing, it felt like a powerful return to my Japanese roots. As a mixed race Japanese and African-American woman raised Buddhist, I was amazed by how the simple teachings of Reiki helped to activate my intuition and spiral me deeper into my life calling and livelihood. In addition to coaching, I've practiced Reiki healing and intuitive shamanic healing for15 years and have almost 30 years of experience as a spiritual group facilitator, so I live and breathe energy healing! 


Whether you're looking to improve your personal or professional life, I use Reiki healing energy in all of my coaching sessions to support you in manifesting your desired outcomes.

It's time to reach your full potential. Come on in, let's explore!


Reiki healing is a non-invasive, gentle, natural form of energy-based healing developed in Japan about 100 years ago. Practitioners use their hands or special distance healing methods to deliver energy to your body, to promote system balance, and to support your body's natural ability to heal.


Pronounced "RAY-key," Rei means universal, and Ki is the vital life force of energy present in every living thing. Reiki literally means "universal life force energy." As a Reiki Master teacher & Reiki practitioner I direct this energy during Reiki sessions, my online Reiki classes, and in personal life coaching sessions, in order to help your body restore energy balance and vitality.

Science now recognizes that Reiki healing does shift the electromagnetic energy of our bio-field, and this is exactly how it's reported in hospitals. A number of experiments continue to show that Reiki is a powerful aid in physical healing. In hospitals and controlled settings, Reiki healing has been proven to improve sleep, reduce pain, reduce nausea, reduce heart rate and improve relaxation in Cancer rehabilitation. It supports the body in healing in acute & chronic illness.

Our Class Programs Can Also  Help You With . . .


Coaching for

Healers & Creatives

Reiki Energy Healing & Mindset with Healing Heart Reiki


Energy Healing & Mindset

Business Coaching with Healing Heart Reiki

Life & Embodied Relationship


And then there was life coaching...

Dailey in purple

In my lineage, Dr. Hayashi used to pair Reiki healing with affirmations and mindset work. He felt that this could help stabilize his clients long term, so he offered the healing transmission of energy along with taking time to truly know his patients, and their mind-body-spirit connection.


I TOTALLY agree with this approach, and so I offer personal life coaching sessions on zoom, for you to connect more deeply with your intuition, inner passions, and align with your life purpose. Paired with Reiki meditation, these sessions are a powerful tool for promoting change and healing as you progress on your journey.

Did you know that "life coaching" is actually a very NEW modality? It was developed in the 1980s by a man named Thomas J. Leonard(1955-2003) who began to notice that his clients needed help setting goals, organizing their lives, and achieving their visions. Life coaching was meant to fill the gap between the psychological healing of therapy, and the spiritual healing of religion. 

Today, nearly 40 years later, life coaching is truly unique to every practitioner, but the best practitioners still provide a safe space for you to discover your dreams (big and small) and implement the vision necessary to achieve them. If this sounds exciting to you, I'd love to connect! :-) 

Do Online Reiki Classes Actually Work? 

Yes they do! But Reiki healing specifically IS lineage based, so you need a Reiki person who has the practice and presence to really connect with you in the energy.

While personal life coaching sessions are commonly held online or via phone, the experience of online Reiki is new for most people. Let's be honest-- Reiki touch is an incredibly soothing experience, and you can't receive that online.


However, in the many online sessions and classes I've done, I have discovered that online Reiki healing has unique benefits!  Clients often open up to deeper healing due to being in their safe place at home. They drop into a deeper healing vortex after the call, because they don't have to drive home. My remote viewing gifts are heightened and I'm able to see other patterns in the energy field that are sometimes obscured when we are in person. This takes the Reiki class experience to a whole new level.


I LOVE guiding online classes for high vibe transmissions of energy! If you need chord clearing, stress release, goal manifesting, love healing, certain forms of grief & trauma work, chakra balancing, or heart based tantric energy healing, then I usually recommend a Reiki class as your first introduction with me, followed by deeper 1-on-1 healing work and coaching where needed.


My classes and private sessions are all formatted around human heart connection, and universal life force. The result is lovely!


"Forever grateful to Dailey for her work, her love, and her light! I have a new sense of purpose. I'm looking forward to spending time with myself and the new things that I've learned. We should be forewarned, we may not want to wear bottom eye makeup--there were some healing tears.❤️ I highly recommend Dailey and her work." 

D. Williams

“Do it! You will benefit from any offering from Dailey, always walking away with energy upgrades, clarity, and high-level activations."

Erika C.

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