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If you're curious about Reiki or looking for a reputable and professional Healing Practitioner or Transformational healer/coach then you've come to the right place! Both online and In-person, we are the nourishing oasis you've been looking for.  We're a community of independent, curious, and joyful people who know there's more to life than the daily grind. 

Operating from the heart of Santa Rosa, Healing Heart Reiki's school of healing offers online classes, with in-person retreats to start up again after the current Covid-19 Pandemic. Dailey's private online sessions incorporate today's most powerful healing traditions and transformational life coaching methods for whole-healing.


We don't just do Reiki here... We're also a secret hotbed of shamanic, psychic, and ancient metaphysical wisdom. (Hmm, maybe not so secret now)


Reiki (pronounced ray-key)  is a Japanese healing technique. Rei can be translated as "spiritual guided" and Ki is "life force energy." So Reiki literally means "spiritual guided life force energy." Reiki practitioners are attuned to and then trained in the application of Reiki. We direct this energy during a Reiki session in order to help your body restore energy balance and vitality.

Science now recognizes that Reiki does shift the electromagnetics of our biofield. A number of experiments continue to show that Reiki is a powerful aid in physical healing. In hospital and controlled settings, Reiki has been proven to improve sleep, reduce pain, reduce nausea, reduce heart rate and improve relaxation in Cancer rehabilitation, and support the body process of healing in acute & chronic illness(2). 

I (Dailey) have spoken to doctors, nurses, and patients who have found Reiki to be a wonderful support in healing medical challenges such as asthma, broken bones, old sports injuries, and fibromyalgia. While Reiki is not a substitute for all forms of medicine(3), studies and personal experience show it to be a life-changing complimentary therapy. 


The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-95% of all visits to doctors are the results of reaction to stress. They call stress "America's #1 Health Problem" and it has been linked to increasingly common health problems including diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and infertility. Continual stress hinders the body's natural ability to repair itself. Reiki can help unblock the body's energetic pathways and support your natural healing process.

15% of over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as a part of hospital services in 2007 (1).This number is even larger today, with hospitals incorporating Reiki into treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention programs. Why? Because it works.


Reiki at HHR is offered in-person (in retreat) or online.  Reiki is absolutely painless. During a treatment, clients are asked to sit back and relax. Simply doing that can sometimes be the most difficult thing of all, and yet my personal belief is that the relaxed open state allows you to receive the Reiki even more clearly. 


  • Accelerate Healing of Acute & Chronic Illness

  • Assist the Body in Cleansing Toxins

  • Balance the Flow of Chi

  • Help the Client Emotionally Transform

  • Be Safely Used in Conjunction with Other Healing Techniques

  • Help Heal And No Religious Belief is Required; Reiki is not a religion

Reiki at Healing Heart Reiki is offered both in person and by distance in conjunction with intuitive wisdom, deep witnessing, and coaching where needed. Depending on the client we will either lay hands gently over the key Reiki points or we clear in the energy field.  I feel it is important for all HHR clients to feel comfortable during their session, and I encourage questions about the process.


We teach the same sensibility in our Reiki school. See CLASSES for more details.

1. data from the American Hospital Association
2. The lay person's reference for more is the article "Reiki in Hospitals" by William Lee Rand, but in fact there are a number of research articles with scientific data I would be happy share with interested parties; just send me an email.
3. I have, in fact, seen profound and nearly instantaneous effects after people have received Reiki, but these have most often been the exception, not the rule. People leave my office feeling peaceful, more clear, more empowered, and in less pain, whether that is physical, spiritual, or emotional.

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