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Reiki Master Training & Apprenticeship

- 2024 Reading List -

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Required Reading List

1. Beattie, Melody. Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring For Yourself.  Hazelden. 2nd Revised edition. 1992. (OR available via Audio Book)


2. McIntosh, Nina. The Educated Heart: Professional Boundaries for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and Movement Teachers. Second Edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2005. (Get the least expensive edition)


3. Sincero, Jen. You Are A Badass at Making Money. Penguin Books. 2018. 


4. Honervogt, Tanmaya. The Complete Reiki Tutor: A Structured Course to Achieve Professional Expertise. Gaia Publishing, 2008. 


Can you still attend the program if you are not doing the readings? Similar to a University program, some people get through four years of college without doing the readings, but the people who DO read, are more confident and prepared in that work because of how it shifts their mindset.

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Recommended Readings (not required)

  • Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way. Tarcher Books. 2002.

  • Hay, Louise L. You Can Heal Your Life. Hay House, Inc. 1999.

  • Judith, Anodea. Wheels of Life: A Users Guide to the Chakra System. Llewellyn Publications. 1999.

  • Penczak, Christopher. Magick of Reiki. Llewellyn Publications, 2005. 

  • Roberts, Llyn & Robert Levy. Shamanic Reiki. O Books. 2008.

  • Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki. Crossing Press. 1995 AND Essential Reiki Teaching Manual. Crossing Press. 2007

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