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Whether you are seeking the training necessary to launch your own business, or whether you simply LOVE spirit, magick & metaphysics, you are welcome to join our community. Come explore with us!

MARCH 2019

REIKI 2 TRAINING W/ DAILEY: Effective Distance & Interdimensional Healing

March 9, 2019 (Saturday)


Have you wondered how to heal hurts from your past? How to clear the generational family issues that never go away? Have you wanted to offer healing to loved ones who are far away? Have the skill to send energy for serious health issues, or on a professional level? 

Join Dailey for your Reiki 2 attunement. In this 2nd level, we expand your energetic container for running and holding healing energy. You'll also learn:

* Reiki Mantra/Sound Healing for Raising Your Vibration

* How To Open Time/Space portals for Distance Healing, Past Life, Ancestral, and DNA healing

* Basics of Crystal Grids for warding space, sending energy, and long term healing

* Intuitive Strength & Discerning different otherworld energies via the sacred Reiki Symbols which helps in . . .

* Working wih Reiki Spirit Guides!

Once you register and pay, you'll receive the Reiki 2 manual in PDF format with reading so you can really get the nuts and bolts of it in your own time. That way in class we can go deeper into the actual demonstrations and spend more time working with the crystal layouts, spirit guides, and energy mapping taylored to exactly how you need it.

You'll leave class with a certificate, expanded confidence in your ability to heal, and entry into a beautiful community of like-minded seekers.

PREREQUISITE: Reiki I for at least 3 months.



If you are interested in attending, please click the link below and register via our website. Your ticket, once purchased, is nonrefundable, but in the case of illness it may be transferred to a future Reiki 2 class with Dailey. Hope to see you!


APRIL 2019


April 13th, 2019 (saturday immersion)


Have you always wanted to strengthen your intuition? To know how to heal yourself when life has you totally upside-down and bat-sh*t crazy? Or maybe you are a natural healer and have magical gifts you're not certain how to further explore?

Join Dailey at Healing Heart Reiki for REIKI 1 TRAINING, to clear your blocks and ignite your wisdom. Reiki is a beautiful Japanese practice that gives you the tools to heal yourself and others through the ages old processes of: Meditation, Lightwork, Laying-on-of-Hands Healing, and Self-Inquiry. 🙏💖

This entry level class is the BEST way to begin learning about energy, and a great way to deepen and integrate your spiritual perspectives. Reiki also adds a beautiful energy to shamanic practices and other healing methods.


In this amazing one day immersion filled with laughter, insight, and healing, you will learn:

* Hands-on healing techniques & hand positions
* Energy Healing Principles, History & Ethics
* Psychic Self-Defense against energy-suckers
* Clearing Psychic Attack
* Strengthening Personal Boundaries in Relationships
* How to Meditate & Know your inner needs & desires
* How to clear grief, longing, anger, and worry
* Leave with a meditation process & daily practice to more deeply anchor your practice

It is truly an amazing thing to be in group of like-minded people, and the class energy itself often creates beautiful shifts and openings in people's lives.✨💛✨

Training starts with your Class--✨7 hours of intensive immersion into the healing world✨--but also includes:

✨40-Page Manual filled with clear instruction to start your journey
⚡️Bonus web-based supplement on psychic intuition & meditatiion
✨Traditional Lineage Meditations to strengthen your energy field
⚡️REAL Opportunities for Practice & Growth
✨Access to a supportive fb group for your ongoing Q&A's
💗Community with the biggest heart ever
⚡️A Certificate

As an energy medicine teacher & priestess, I hold a strong ethic of teaching you how to access YOUR OWN inner wisdom and direct transmissions with spirit. You'll learn to organize your life so that it is a safe space for your natural transformations as you develop confidence, clarity, and skill.

COST: $325, RSVP required

RSVP is Required, as space is limited. Register for class through the ticket url which will instantly reserve your spot in the class. Once you have received the class manual, the class is non-refundable, but in the case of illness or emergency, you may receive a credit for the next available Reiki 1 class.

Healers, this is another great modality to support the work you are doing. Massage therapists, chiropractors, medical professionals, beauticians, salespeople, moms & dads… you can all integrate it seamlessly into your healing work and this class is the place to learn how. 

Hope to see you there!
Reiki blessings,

Rev. Dailey Little, RMT is a Reiki Master, alchemical priestess, & ordained minister. When her natural psychic abilities kicked in at a young age, she began a journey to understand the nature of life. Dailey incorporates the wisdom she has learned through 20 years of Buddhism, community facilitation, the Goddess Mysteries, and shamanic energy healing into the thriving HHR community. In addition to classes and private sessions, Dailey offers spiritual direction from a multi-faith heart-based model with personal empowerment at its core.



Spring Foundation Course Begins April 22, 2019

Learn the Ancient Love & Healing Mysteries of Egypt. Women, it is time to reconnect with your wild inner nature--your inner creatrix that knows how to bring true value to the world stage. We are meant to love, and to live fiercely. This 8 week online program is only for women who want true presencing and witnessing as they grow into greatness & heart. 

Initations activate the Sacred Divine within you as you:

❤️Clear Fear, Exhaustion, & Burnout-- AND REBEL against Self-Oppression  

❤️ Learn practical teachings for tantalizing Lovemaking with your beloved, & for healing trauma in your womb & vulva

❤️ Heal frozen, numb, closed areas of your heart with wisdom teachings & sacred rituals of the Divine Feminine 


We are already growing a very magical tribe of sisters! Would you like to learn more about this special journey, and the Goddess Rebel Temple School? Check out the details, GO HERE to learn more! ✨❤️✨

MAY 2019



Dates & Location TBA

Reiki Master Training is the completion of the system of Usui Reiki Self & Hands on Healing. Completion & Certification of Reiki Master does not confer instant mastery. Rather, it is a vow to recognize that everything is energy, and everything is connected. Reiki Master is the first step in a lifetime of developing personal mastery, wisdom, and a life of joy. 

Reiki Master Graduates from Healing Heart Reiki have gone on to open their own private practices, healing retail businesses, and more importantly, they approach life from their beautiful hearts! The immersion weekend is 3 days, with an additional web-based learning component. 

Students must have been a Reiki level 2 for a minimum of 1 year. Exceptions can be made by petition. 

Keep an eye on this page for more details to come.

"born of fire, they rise, filling the world with light"

Community ReikiSHARE

date tba

Blessings! Spend time with other Reiki-Attuned healers & practitioners. We gather to laugh, to share the gift of Reiki, network, and receive deep healing.

More to come . . . 


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