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Whether you are seeking the training necessary to launch your own business, or whether you simply LOVE spirit, magick & metaphysics, you are welcome to join our community. Come explore with us!



September 11, 2018 (Tuesday)

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Still feeling some lingering effects from the recent Mercury retrograde? Come dive into a nourishing and replenishing evening of Reiki with other healers and practitioners. Together, we'll clear and transform residual stuck energies while "dancing" with shades of light.

We'll start the evening by invoking the animal spirit medicine of a great ally...'The Golden Purifier,' the revered Vulture, who will help us cleanse, promote and strengthen the universe's calling for the collective healing of the sacred Goddess. Then we'll move into a simple guided meditation to clear our Chakras with prayer that will sweep away any lingering Mercury retrograde dust before we begin running Reiki.

For the share, we will do an exercise promoting connectivity with the sacred geometric web of love and light. We will also have time on the tables receiving hands on healing.

I invite you to join me for this beautiful sharing of Reiki where we'll explore the sacred Goddess within and move deeper into our authentic selves through the synergistic power of loving connection with each other.

Space in this Reiki Share is limited to 11 participants.
The Reiki Share is by donation, most commonly $15-20 but no one turned away.

RSVP REQUIRED. Space is limited, so please help us by calling. Please RSVP directly via text or call with: Carol at 707-478-5044

ABOUT CAROL: Carol Adams, Reiki Master, infuses Shamanic elements into her Reiki practice by calling on the wisdom of sacred animal spirit medicine and exploring the elemental energies that weave seamlessly through all, in our dance between earth and spirit on our life path.


September 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 2018 

Fri 6PM-9:00PM, Sat 9AM-6PM, Sun 10AM-5PM

Reiki Master is a vow, a promise that, in the journey of life, we can recognize our ability to strive toward mastery, and recognize our ability to co-create with the world around us, leaving victimhood behind forever.

How do you transform all of those fears you have into the exact fuel you need to succeed? How do you take where you are timid, unclear, uncertain, and transmute then harness THAT energy, for true life mastery?

This immersive program will instill confidence in all Reiki Master Basics, including: techniques for hands-on work, ethics of holding space, values for business, successfully passing attunements. But we will also step into the deeper mystery of Creation, and how to hold your creativity when there are no resources or you have no confidence for the big steps.  This weekend immersion includes an extended training in Core Mastery for all particants, which is the new name for the ever-evolving HHR Apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship has, in the past been self-directed, but over time I have seen that people learn better when there is accountability.

Receive the heart-based support you need as you step into the deeper power of your creative self.


Reiki 2 students, previously attuned Reiki Masters (from any lineage), and Returning HHR Reiki Master Alumni (for you beloveds 50% discount).
Critical components of the program will be web based, so you must have email, and the ability to type up or submit homework. 

You are ready to step into your power!

We take as allies for this journey, the essence of the Rose, teaching us how to unfold our beauty while still having boundaries, and the Skull, a reminder of our connection to our Ancestors, and how ancestral healing can help support and strengthen us as we carry lineage into the future. The Skull also reminds us of the power of our mind and intellect to either be our greatest block, or our greatest support.

Enjoy a velvety deep weekend, with time to really reflect on and transform your life. More can be seen here: Reiki Master Training

Power, Pleasure, Abundance ~ A Woman's Healing Immersion
September 25, 2018 (Tuesday)

“When sleeping women wake, mountains move.”

You are a force of beauty, power, and delight, but if you start to burn out, or freeze from hurt & anger, that inner fire shuts down. It’s time to light it back up!

As women we’ll gather in sacred circle to honor the mystery of our womanhood and learn how to care for our body, mind, and spirit.

Learn physical techniques to strengthen your creative and sexual life force, so that you can increase the pleasure and direction of your life. Discover how to awaken and direct your inner heart fire and passion.

Our practices of the morning will drop you more deeply into your embodied, vibrant self. You’ll return to your magical life with new tools for creating intimacy and presence to practice on your own, or share with your loved ones. Emanate your inner beauty, and forge deeper bonds of connection.

PREP: Wear comfortable clothes in which you also feel beautiful. This may be a sarong, or stretch pants, or a comfy pretty dress.

Ladies, let's play!!

There is space for only 6 women.

RSVP Required.
Call Dailey at 707-322-9637 to RSVP.

Isis Oracle Temple Reading 

October 7, 2018 (Sunday dark moon)

Time TBA

Do you have a burning question about love or life? Enjoy this special day of private Isis Oracle Readings via Zoom. You will have my undivided attention on your most challenging questions. Easily recorded and replaid, these sessions call on my own intuitive vision as gifted through my Priestessing work with Isis. The work is anchored with Alana Fairchild's beautiful Isis Oracle deck.

I had the chance to meet Alana in workshop early this summer, and was delighted to find that her connection to Isis completely resonates with mine. Steeped in the energy of the October dark moon, these Oracle Readings will go deep, and include a healing meditation tailored to you, that you can do multiple times as the season deepens.

Ancestral Blessing Ceremony 
October 8, 2018 (Monday New Moon)

Are you frustrated with not being able to acheive the next step due to unbreakable habits? Or do you have a tough relationship with your kids that you feel bad about? Family that you're not speaking to? Or perhaps health issues that never seem to clear? All of these patterns begin generations back, and in the womb through which you were born. Your ancestors continue to exist as vibrational fields of light. In some tradition they are called the Bright, or Shining Ones. In their highest bodies of light, they continue to exist as a resource for you, a foundation as you continue to grow.

When stuff is going wrong, or seems unfixable, you CAN create breakthrough by drawing from the power of your ancestors. You may have new ideas around an old issue, or suddenly find the courage to leave a long standing situation. Suddenly the life that seemed so far away, so impossible, becomes fully accesible, fully THERE.

JOIN US on October 8th at 6:30PM for a very special Ancestral Blessing Ceremony in this witchy october new moon. Dailey will Priestess the work of bringing forth this light filled blessing, as together we heal the light grid of our ancestors. Bringing the light, we eviscerate generational blocks, poverty patterns, victim patterns, and abuses to the masculine and feminine, restoring divine balance at this new moon in Libra.

This is magical work! If it calls to you, then come. You don't need experience. To stand in an energized room with all of the ancestors who LOVE YOU, whether you know them or not, is a healing in itself. I (Dailey) have been working with ancestor reverence since I was a small child. I believe it is what led me to Reiki, and the reason why I have been able to heal so much in my life. We NEED this work right now in our lives, and in this country. We need peace across the linear and nonlinear timelines in order the resonate this era into one of fresh creation rather than the destruction of our planet and all of its beautiful resources.

Are you ready to change your relationship with your ancestors and open the way in your future? 
I have space for 13 people, and your RSVP is required. 
RSVP by purchasing your (nonrefundable) ticket/payment of $37 below. 
When you pay, your name will be added to the door list.
It is a work night, so we will end on time. And yes, if you need to come a little bit late, that may be arranged, just text me.


PAY HERE: Reservations will close by October 4th, so get your spot before it's gone!


October 14, 2018 (Sunday)


Learn how to sense and send healing energy in Reiki I. Heal yourself & others, learn how to clear your aura, and how to keep yourself from being energetically drained. Receive a study manual & certificate. You'll leave with the Reiki I attunement and a new level of confidence in your ability to heal. $200. REGISTER HERE.

Teacher: Rev. Dailey Little, RMT


October 20, 2018 (Saturday)

1PM - 7PM

Find out about healing guides, how to communicate with them, and what to do when you encounter difficult healing scenarious. Work with Reiki's sacred symbols and seed sounds, learning to combine the basics of sound healing with laying on hands. The techniques in Reiki II are used to Heal childhood trauama, clear past life karma, increase abundance, open psychic intuitive abilities, distance heal, & expand your channel for healing. MORE INFO & REGISTER HERE(including registration and payment info).


OCTOBER 23, 2018 (Tuesday Full Moon)



More to come . . .