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Reiki Master Application 2018

How to Fill Out Your Application

Please submit your application via email, in the body of the email. Please copy and include these questions (as well as the answers! haha) into your application submission.  For those who have no access to a computer, applications may be written in blue or black ink on standard lined 8.5 x 11” paper.


The purpose of this application is simply to clarify your goals and intentions so that I (Dailey) can help you get the most out of the Reiki Master Program. There are 10 questions. There are no right or wrong answers.  I hope you will take your time in answering, and if you have questions, email me. Blessings!

Full Name:___________________________________

1. What were the dates of your Reiki I & II classes, and the names of your teacher(s)? 

2. In your own words, what is Reiki?

3. What have been your greatest challenges in working with Reiki?

4. Do you have a daily meditation or Reiki practice? What does it include? Please elaborate.

5. Everyone embarks on Reiki Master for difference reasons. What is calling you to take Reiki III at this time?

6. How do you expect Reiki Master training to impact who you are and how you are living/experiencing life?

7. Are you interested in teaching Reiki, or incorporating it into professional practice?

8. A Reiki Apprenticeship is offered for Reiki Master graduates. They include: 

a) audio recorded class teachings 

b) 4 support group meetings on saturdays with theme discussion and empowerments with Dailey 

c) The option to lead a Reiki Share, honing your skills in group facilitation 

d) 1 Special Class Project 

e) The option to co-lead a Reiki class at Healing Heart Reiki 

 What options particularly interest you in the topics above, and why?

9. Do you anticipate any challenges or personal complications that might prevent you from completing Reiki Master training? Additonally, what is your normal Self-Care protocol? If you don't have one, what *might* it be?

10. Take a moment to reflect privately on your own personal and life goals. Consider how Reiki Master Training may add, detract, or transform the pathway you are currently on. In 250 words or less, please share your Statement of Intention. This could be in journal/letter format, it could be a poem, a bullet point list, or any other format you can imagine. The purpose of the Statement of Intention is to get clear on how you are choosing to move forward, and to offer Dailey the opportunity to support your core goals throughout the training experience.