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1023 College Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 

Phone: 707-322-9637

Healing Heart Reiki is located in the heart of Santa Rosa. Dailey takes appointments only(no walk-ins), Tuesdays through Fridays, and can be reached at 707-322-9637. 

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Are you considering traveling up to Santa Rosa from out of the area? Here's what you need to know:

You can travel in for one of our classes or for a weekend of depth transformational work in a nourishing setting. The closest airports are the Sonoma County Airport (STS)San Francisco International Airport (SFO), and Oakland International Airport (OAK), respectively. Driving is also fast and easy

It's a good idea to plan your trip ahead of time. Look at the calendar to see dates up to 6 months out, or email us to ask about your intended weekend.


* HOLISTIC TRAINING: Reiki Master Training, Mermaid Reiki, Isis Shamanic Training, or other classes. See the Calendar.


* 1-ON-1 VIP TRANSFORMATIONAL WEEKEND -- featuring 2 days of energy work, body work, spiritual healing, and life coaching.


* PERSONAL RETREAT -- A spiritual counsel session with Dailey and your own relaxing vacation to explore Sonoma County treasures.


Healing Heart Reiki is located in the old Western Historic Building, in charming Historic Railroad Square. The three closest hotels within walking distance include: 

HOTEL LA ROSE - a charming boutique hotel fashioned after Victorian period design. The hotel can arrange for easy pickup and dropoff from the Santa Rosa Airport. It's right across the square from our office. They also have information on how to take the charter bus if flying in from San Francisco International Airport (SFO).


HYATT VINEYARD CREEK - a palatial full service hotel and spa with strong business amenities, restaurant, and walking distance to the charter that connects to the San Francisco Airport. The Hyatt is one block from our office. 


COURTYARD MARRIOTT SANTA ROSA - currently undergoing renovation, the courtyard Marriott continues to uplevel its look and service. It's one block to our office and also walking distance to the transit center charter bus that connects to the San Francisco Airport (SFO).


There are movie theatres, excellent restaurants, crystal shops, bookstores, and Santa Rosa Plaza (the mall!) all within a 5-7 minute walk of these hotels. 


If you're on a tight budget, consider AirBnB, which can be a fun way to travel and meet people. We occassionally have community members who make space available through AirBnB so please contact us if that's the direction you'd like to go.


Historic Railroad Square has been an active retail center for over a hundred years. Our building was one of only three to survive the terrain-changing 1906 earthquake. Today, Railroad Square and the adjacent Downtown Santa Rosa house a variety of fun activities, from movies, shopping, historic sites, yoga, scrapbooking, massage, and more. Check out the visitor center for more ideas, but beware, you may become inspired to extend your trip!


If you are planning on renting a car, there are amazing Spiritual Pilgrimmage Points within a half hour to 45 minute drive of the office, including natural lei lines at the ocean, Armstrong Woods, Bodega, and the mountains headed out toward Napa. West County Sonoma also has a million secret enclaves filled with legendary people and mystical places.  Ask Dailey if you need help planning your visit, and she can point out a number a diversions in Santa Rosa that are perfect just for you!


Sonoma County is filled with first class restaurants in all food genres. Within Railroad Square, you have your pick of Italian, French, Thai, Japanese, American Fusion, Pub, and Coffeehouse cuisine. 

When I'm at the office and need excellent coffee, I go down to the  Flying Goat Coffee Shop. If I need a quick food fix, I head across the street to Aromas for fast service and good basic food. Out-of-towners will also appreciate that it has free wi-fi, allowing you to easily check email and take care of business while you chow down. On the weekend, they future music in the evenings if you'd like to relax in a semi-social environment away from your hotel. 


We're lucky in the San Francisco Bay Area to have great resources for spiritual, metaphysical, and New Age shopping. The local scene (as in "within a 15 minute drive") includes:


CRYSTAL CHANNELS - A lovely new age store in Santa Rosa with angelic vibe, white light, crystals, and the perfect gift for someone you love. I've known Kami for a while now and she has a beautiful connection to spirit.


MILK & HONEY- For those of you who love the Goddess and want to celebrate the Goddess within, this beautiful store has everything you need to begin, or to deepen your journey in understanding the Sacred Divine. Owner Phoenix is a good friend with a big heart and a true magical touch. You can't go wrong by booking yourself a reading, or browsing and finding the perfect piece of goddess jewelry at this magical location. 


SAGESTONE - In Sebastopol, this shop newly opened in 2016 and replaced the Uncarved Block. It is worth a look-see for the incredible museum quality minerals and gemstones in display. The rockhound will enjoy a polished, loving look at remarkable stone art.


ROSEMARY'S GARDEN - Originally founded by herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, a fantastic resource for high quality dried herbs and holistic products, with a staff who can answer any question you can think to throw at them. Small but filled with wisdom, it's worth a visit if you head out to Sebastopol.


There are other wonderful places depending upon what you need, including the local Community Market, Botanica Jesus, Positively Fourth, and Many Rivers Bookstore. If you are hoping to find something particular on your visit, please call and we can help direct you as needed. If you are coming for the Transformational Weekend, you'll most likely be visiting one of these places as part of your work.


You might just need a reset. 

If that's the case, take steps now to nurture yourself into the next phase of your spiritual journey. If coming for a visit is a part of that, we welcome you with open arms. Set your appointments and register with us first. Then buy your tickets or rent a car and come out. We'll be waiting with a smile.

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