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Chord Clearing Bootcamp
A 5-Day Digital Self Paced Training 

Have you always wondered how to "Clear Chords?" 


In this online self-paced class, learn the art of clearing chords in energy healing!


Hi, I'm Dailey, an energy healer and teacher in Northern California. I originally taught this Chord Clearing Bootcamp in 2019, but due to popular request I've decided to make the core teachings available.

If you're an energy healer seeking to expand your skillset, you'll enjoy the Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics and deeper discussions on life contracts in this course.

How to Clear Energy Chords


~A 5-Day Online Self-Paced Training On How to Clear Energy Chords On Yourself & Others


Have you been struggling to feel present in your life? Have you felt over-attached to certain people, or haunted by past situations that didn't end well and that you can't shake off? Take our Chord Clearing bootcamp to learn how to clear the energy chords that are keeping you chained to these things.  

When you release chords, you regain your power and are better able to fulfill your highest potential!


This online bootcamp is for you, if you want to clear chords like a Master Energy Healer + liberate yourself this year to be fully in your power.

If you're ready to: 

🙅🏻Clear repetitive thoughts of that ex

🙅🏻Let go of your confusion over how to handle TOXIC family relationships 

🙅🏻Pull the plug on Self-Sabotage as you're working on that delicious future  


👉Then this class is a must!


Set your 5 day intention to learn everything you need to know to SMASH THE CHORD CHAOS hahaha ☺️ After that, keep the program for life.


Seriously though, chord clearing is an advanced healing art that only works permanently if you understand LIFE CONTRACTS, CORE WOUNDING, and  METAPHYSICS. In this class you'll get everything you need to know on those topics in order to be unstoppable in this art. 




🌺 3 Traditional Healing Methods to pull and clear chords on yourself when you feel heavy, chained, or attached to vampiric energy (these don't involve a healing table)

🔥 Dailey's FAVORITE method for clearing chorded energy in Healing Sessions "on the table" (this method works for discarnate energy, and soul fragments as well as chords)

🌺 When NOT to pull chords! Don't be a chop-shop surgeon. Ewww! Know your stuff! 🔥 How to incorporate Chord Clearing into Professional Healing Work

🌺  How to keep chords from coming back or being re-established


...And so much more. 

You will never get these gifts in a 1-day workshop because these teachings require a sequence of days to allow for practice and growth.  



👉 A Workbook with important takeaways 

👉 Video instruction from Dailey (in the member portal) so you can work within your life and personal healing style

👉 Breakthrough practice and Aha! moments

👉 Space to ask ALL of your questions.

👉 Energy Healing Transmission to support your work.

👉 Case Studies to learn by


This is the BEST way to learn this fascinating and essential work! THIS CLASS IS PREMIERING AT A VERY SPECIAL PRICE! OF $50 TUITION! ✨✨✨ 


Healers and practitioners, sharpen your toolkit and develop a broader mindset with this class. If you've had sessions with people and sensed chords but didn't know how to remove them, or they came back, or you've always wanted to have a thorough coverage on this art, then this is the class for you.


Newbies, IF you want to have better skills for clearing stuck or icky energy from your field, IF you're still holding on to an ex-partner, you feel too weak to stand up to yourself with certain people, you feel totally drained after hanging out with certain people, OR your legs get wobbly like jello when confronted with certain scenarios, THEN there are probably chords involved, and you can learn how to get rid of them with this class.


ONCE YOU REGISTER Once you register and pay, you will be added  (within 48 hours) to the Online Member Portal, where the Videos for each day and the Class Manual are stored. Then you can jump right in! Follow the instructions in the portal to post when you begin, that way Dailey can be present to answer your questions as they come up. 


You'll learn a simple clearing prayer that Dailey uses EVERYDAY to support her field, and you'll notice yourself feeling way more supported this year season, just from doing the bootcamp work!



This is really a deal for in depth training, and the price WILL go up after this premier month! This is a $150 digital class with video training, manual, and audio being offered at $50. Your savings is $100.



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If you have other questions, Give me a call!






✅ How much time will it take?

It will take you 1 hour to watch the primary video, and then approximately 15-20 minutes for the other days to learn and train :-), closing with the recorded Chord Clearing and Light Workers Blessing. It can be done in 5 days, but take your time, as this is a self paced course.


✅What if I don't have time this week? Can I save it for later?

Yes, you have the member portal teaching and the workbook to go over methods at a later date and for reference.


✅ What if I have questions about energy chording the material doesn't answer?

You can ask as ALL of the questions on this topic you need in my facebook group with the hashtag #ChordClearingBootcamp. My goal as a teacher is to really BE PRESENT with you in learning and mastering the foundation of this work. This is why I've narrowed the topic to Chords Only. For other Shamanic and Advanced Energy classes see my other offerings.


✅ Will I get a certificate?


This bootcamp does not come with a certificate. However, if you would like a certification in Chord Clearing, you can complete a 10- person practicum with personal feedback from each, and pass a written exam, after which you will be issued a Certification from HHR and put into the HHR private roster of preferred professionals for referrals. Ask Dailey for more details.


✅ How Long Do I Get To Keep These Teachings?

Forever! You will retain Member Portal access after this class.

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