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Reiki Master Training & Apprenticeship
~2019 Readings~

Required Reading List (before class)

A total of 4 books:

  • Beattie, Melody. Codependent No More: How to Stop Controlling Others and Start Caring For Yourself.  Hazelden. 2nd Revised edition. 1992. (OR available via Audio Book)
  • McIntosh, Nina. The Educated Heart: Professional Boundaries for Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, and Movement Teachers. Second Edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2005. (Get the least expensive edition)
  • Roman, Sanaya. Creating Money: Attracting Abundance. New World Library. 1988. (read chapter 9 & 10 before class, the rest during apprenticeship)

Choose just one of the three book choices below in order to get a sense of how other Reiki Masters view the work. Academically inclined students who hope to develop their own modality will want to read all three: Honervogt gives confidence for practice; Penczak offers a large discussions of alternative Reiki symbols and alternate uses; Stein has had so much influence in the Reiki realm that most ‘traditional’ practitioners don’t realize they’re using her material. Llyn & Levy provide the needed link to Shamanic work.

Just one, is required, your choice:

  • Honervogt, Tanmaya. The Complete Reiki Tutor: A Structured Course to Achieve Professional Expertise. Gaia Publishing, 2008. 
  • Penczak, Christopher. Magick of Reiki. Llewellyn Pulications, 2005. 
  • Stein, Diane. Essential Reiki. Crossing Press. 1995 AND Essential Reiki Teaching Manual. Crossing Press. 2007
  • Roberts, Llyn & Robert Levy. Shamanic Reiki. O Books. 2008.

Suggested Reading (not required)

  • Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way. Tarcher Books. 2002.
  • Coelho, Paulo. The Alchemist. HarperCollins. 1993
  • Gawain, Shakti. Creative Visualization. New World Library. 2002.
  • Hay, Louise L. You Can Heal Your Life. Hay House, Inc. 1999.
  • Judith, Anodea. Wheels of Life: A Users Guide to the Chakra System. Llewellyn Publications. 1999.
  • Roman, Sanaya. Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self.  HJ Kramer. 1992