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Do you ever feel that there could just be MORE in life?


That's how I felt when I sat down for my Reiki Master initiation.  I was doing everything right, but I wanted so much more for myself, and I wasn't sure what that even meant--until my teacher laid hands on me for that final initiation.

The feeling of warm liquid energy melted through my body, and all the gears in my brain stopped and reset.

As I walked back out into the gray cloudy day, I felt vibrant color bursting inside, and over the next several months, my entire life was flooded with that color and possibility.



So many successful people count Reiki training somewhere in their adventures.



What's the secret?

Reiki Master Teachings actually show you how to develop life mastery, with energy. The transmission is like a super power-up in a video game right before the final battle.


While mastery may be a life-long adventure, the Reiki Master activation is a beautiful opening into your true power. 


Once you receive the initiation, you'll begin to embody positive teachings on a whole new level.  

What Is Reiki Master Training?

REIKI MASTER TRAINING is the 3rd and final class in the Usui Reiki System of Energy Healing. It includes several power symbols, metaphysical teachings, and the secret to performing initiation ceremonies. When you complete Reiki Master, you have learned the FULL SYSTEM of Reiki.


Now you can teach!


Now you can initiate others or lay on hands for the most profound healing!

This powerful transmission helps you align with your personal development and spiritual work in the world. You become a part of the Reiki lineage.


Here's How the Journey Looks . . .

Your Reiki Master Journey begins with an online self-paced course. Then we meet mid-summer for a magical IN PERSON training weekend.  By the end of the program, you'll know how to: 


❤️ Successfully Teach, Pass attunements & offer Reiki to others

❤️ Stand in Your Values and Confidence as a light bringer and earth worker in the world

❤️ Create healthy relationships with Reiki clients, money, your intuitive boundaries, and unique energy healing challenges

❤️ Apply Advanced Techniques for healing using the Master Symbols

❤️ Begin creating your energy healing practice as your livelihood

You will receive a REIKI MASTER CERTIFICATE, which shows your professionalism and credibility in healing.


This is such a yummy, magical training! Receive the heart-based support you need as you step into the deeper power of your creative self.

If you're a Reiki 2 student or Reiki Master (from any lineage) and you're ready and excited for the next step, come join us! Returning HHR Reiki Master Alumni, you beloveds receive a 50% discount.


If you are at the very beginning of your Reiki Journey you will need to take Reiki Level 1 & 2 Training with me, so please GO HERE to sign up.


What You Get

Learn in an intimate group setting with Dailey's personal attention and focus! You can also take the work at your own pace, as everyone's journey with Reiki is different.


Online training opens on June 1st, with email, video, short audios and writings to further develop your confidence in energy work. Topics include:

  • Integrated Metaphysical System of the Body; Subtle Layers of the Aura; Associations & Function of the Chakras with the Endocrine System; 

  • Advanced Methods for consistent results in physical health; Chinese Meridians & Reiki; Emotional Sources of Disease 

  • Master Symbols & how to use them; Review of Reiki I & II Theory from Teaching Perspective; Storytelling About Lineage & Culture; Passing Attunements for all Reiki Levels; How To Lead Meditations;

  • Reiki Master Ethics & Troubleshooting Difficult Situations; Preventing Burnout; Space Clearing for Abundance


  • Intro to Developing A Professional Practice; Develop Leadership; Uncover Your Path; Talk About What You Do; How to Start A Healing Business Legally

  • How To Teach a Reiki Class; Class Structure; Taking Payment; Hone your Creative Identity/Sense of Self


Engage with the material in ways that fit your lifestyle. Then gear up for a magical weekend of healing! Our retreats are so fun! Many Reiki Master alumni have chosen to attend multiple retreats just because they are deeply insightful and nourishing.


Your magical in-person weekend includes:

  • Nourishing Rituals

  • Time Healing in Nature

  • Hands-on Healing; Developing your intuitive awareness of Reiki flow

  • Wisdom Circle

  • Reiki, Reiki, REIKI spiritual teachings!

  • Final initiations


The weekend is often filled with laughter, good tears, and heartfelt friendship, even as you learn all about becoming a Reiki Master. I've seen lifelong friendships created in this class. This class will be held in Santa Rosa, California, so you can fly into SFO or Santa Rosa's STS Airport, and plan on looking for accommodations in the Santa Rosa area. 

Enjoy a nature-filled, magical weekend, with time to really reflect on and transform your life! 


These are so fun! Held on zoom, they help anchor your mindset around energy work and your confidence in pursuing next steps. I offer healing Reiki and empowerments on these calls when needed, but they are essentially "ASK ME ANYTHING" calls where you can plug in gaps in your knowledge, skills, or spiritual well being. Past students have told me that this was one of their favorite parts, as they really learned a lot from hearing their classmates share after becoming Reiki Masters.


Past students have used their certification at Healing Heart Reiki to join professional Reiki trade organizations, to prove training for holistic job interviews, and to take advanced courses in the greater energy healing world. Once you receive a certificate, your name is entered into our database so we can support your growth in healing, and vouch for you in the healing world.

This is more than just a class, it's a deep celebration of you as an energy healer. You'll be welcomed into the Healing Heart Reiki Master Group where you can network, ask questions, and continue to develop with your company of peers. You'll also have Dailey's continued support as a teacher, if you need a reference for Reiki-based work, or a reference for future advanced trainings in other programs. 

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(1) You were Reiki II attuned before October 31, 2023. 

(2) You are reading the four books listed in REQUIRED READINGS

(3) You can comfortably draw the level II symbols, and are comfortable with self-healing via Reiki.

* This training is personalized for each student, so the number of students in any given class is limited. I will not take more than 9 students.

2024 Program Dates And Location


Online Opening June 1, 2024 on Zoom at 1:30PM.

any online calls after this date will be determined

together as a group.


3 Day In-Person Weekend 

Friday through Sunday in July

 July 12th, 10am-1pm

 July 13th, 10am-6pm

July 14th, 10am-5pm

 including business photos, celebration, symbols, attunements, ritual ceremony.





4 Video Calls via Zoom after the retreat:

 a visionary support circle and check in with Q&A

 4 Sunday evenings at 6PM PST.

All calls are recorded if you can not attend live.

LOCATION: your computer or cell phone



Tuition includes everything listed above plus a current Reiki Master Manual & Reiki Master Certificate.  Tuition payment of $2,000, and an approved application admit you to the program. You will receive an email confirmation once admitted. 


Terms and Conditions: Your tuition is non-refundable. If for some reason you are not able to attend the physical class, you will be welcomed to set up time for a private attunement, and the remainder of your lessons will be folded into your online program. You can then welcome to attend the next scheduled Reiki Master class at a 50% discount. If due to emergency you must cancel completely before June 1, 2024, your payment will be applied to the next scheduled Reiki Master Training.


To register, please make sure you meet the prerequisites listed above, and then click the event listing below! Can't wait to have you!!!

Reiki Master Training 2024 Online Kickoff
Reiki Master Training 2024 Online Kickoff

Please make payment through the event listing above. Payments can also be made by cash (in person), credit card, or check. Reach out for details. Please make checks out to: Healing Heart Reiki

Need A Payment Plan?

Payment Plans

Automated payment plans are now available for Reiki Master! Set up subscription payments through paypal, using either paypal OR a credit card to secure your payments. As long as you have registered for a payment plan, you can take class, and pay for the program as it goes. 

Your nonrefundable subscription payment secures your spot in class.


Subscribe below, and then fill out the application link.


I will email you back confirmation.  


Please Register and make your initial payment as soon as possible. Registration closes when we bless our Training Experience on June 1st, 2024.


Terms of Agreement: The Reiki Master Payment plan, like layaway, is a full commitment to the program, even if it is set up as a paypal subscription. If you decide not to proceed with the class, the money you have paid is non-refundable (It can, however, be used toward the next scheduled Reiki Master). If your payments default for some reason before the class date, you will be unable to attend class, but you will be rescheduled for the following Reiki Master Class or private attunement, at Dailey's discretion.


If you would like to discuss another kind of payment plan, please reach out to Me (Dailey)! I am happy to discuss payments with you.


Otherwise, choose your payment plan below:

Image by Paul Felberbauer

Payment In Full:

1x payment of $2000

Please note, payment is nonrefundable. If you change your mind before the event, there are no refunds on payments made. Your payment will go towards the next Reiki Master Training.

Payment Plan Option #1:

4x payments of $505 (1 payment per month) = $2020

Please note, subscription payment is nonrefundable. If you change your mind before the event, or cancel the subscription, there are no refunds on payments made. Your payment will go towards the next Reiki Master Training.

Payment Plan Option #2:

8x Payments of $255 (every other week)= $2040

Please note, subscription payment is nonrefundable. If you change your mind before the event, or cancel the subscription, there are no refunds on payments made. Your payment will go towards the next Reiki Master Training.

Payment Plan Option #3:

12x Payments of $175 (every other week)= $2100

SUBSCRIBE HERE. Please note, subscription payment is nonrefundable. If you change your mind before the event, or cancel the subscription, there are no refunds on payments made. Your payment will go towards the next Reiki Master Training.

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Welcome to:


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My journey teaching Reiki began when I was a new mom, sweating through nights with a baby. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and in a brand new phase of life, so I decided to do what I'd always done--seek solace in spirituality. I'd been raised Buddhist, and had a visionary psychic experience when I was 13 years old, causing me to question all that I'd learned.


Through years of spiritual exploration, I never thought in a million years that I would teach Reiki professionally. Walking my son to sleep one night, I fell into a light trance and I had a clairaudient experience, much like what I imagine the founder Usui Mikao experienced with Reiki all of those years ago.


A voice within urged me to begin a healing practice. I fought against the idea, but in the days that followed, there were so many beautiful synchronicities that within just a few weeks, I found myself in a rental office downtown, meditating in the lotus position, preparing to see clients. 

It was the inner voice that instructed me to call my practice "Healing Heart Reiki," and now, over a decade and several thousand attunements later, I understand that the true heart doing the healing, was mine

My heart has swelled countless times as I've witnessed students make amazing breakthroughs in their lives through Reiki. Still, as much as I've done this work to help others find joy, the greatest gift of Reiki has been within my own life.

Reiki Master is the completion of a healing system that's truly transformational when used correctly. The energy has broken open layers of my ego, teaching me about vulnerability, embodiment, courage, and soul retrieval. My psychic gifts were always heightened, but Reiki has allowed them to balance out with the rest of my life.


I'm a Priestess of Ancient Egyptian lineage, and an alchemical healer at my core BUT I continue to teach the basics of Reiki because they form a blueprint for understanding the metaphysics of healing. I believe everyone should have the ability to heal themselves and others. While the first two levels of Reiki teach that in a fun, engaging way, the Master level brings us back to our life purpose, our centered state of being, and puts us on the life-long journey of self mastery.


Your journey inspires me, and is the reason I keep teaching. I wake up excited almost ever morning, knowing I'm going to go deeper with my Reiki Master students.


Some graduates take class and go along their way, but others return periodically over the years.  I've loved watching them blossom on their journey.  It's truly a pleasure to see all of the ways HHR Reiki Masters work with energy to transform their lives.

I can't wait to get to know you, and to support you on your journey! 


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