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Body Cycles and Nature

Every single one of us has our own symphony of rhythms and sounds coursing through our body. Your heart beats at a certain speed, your colon and bowels release in a regular rhythm. The electrical firing in your brain, and blood pumping through your veins is a part of an important harmony that keeps you alive. These rhythms are called your “Biorhythms,” and this is a medically recognized term. The more in rhythm you are, the better and happier you feel! Disease and illness are merely parts of you that are not in tune with your body song.

Reiki helps reset your biorhythms, but there are two GREAT ways you can make sure to stay in tune with yourself:

❤️ Listen to and address your body’s rhythms and needs beyond what your ego is telling you.

❤️ Tune in to the greater rhythms of the Earth.

The earth, too, has biorhythms, though we tend to call these cycles. We all know from the Global Warming discussion that when the earth’s cycles are off, funky things happen. Same in our human body.

But here’s the fun thing: Because you come from earth, it’s a huge grounding source for the electromagnetic and subtle energies in your body. If you’re feeling OFF in any way-- exhausted, having pain, not thinking correctly, running too hard--it probably means your biorhythms are off. You can reset your body’s biorhythms by synching with the cycles of the earth. This looks like:

❤️ Sleeping when it actually gets dark outside (turning off cell phones, tv, and house lights)

❤️ Spending time in nature (beneath a tree, or at the ocean, where rhythms and cycles are prominent)

❤️ Engaging with other humans and animals who are deeply aligned in their biorhythms, so you can “pick the song back up.”

Every season has its gifts, and will affect your body, mind, and spirit differently. Learn to dance with these seasonal cycles, daily/nightly cycles, and the cycles of time within your own body. As you surrender into this natural flow, your biorhythm, or body-song, will become deeper and more resonant with time.

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