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Dreamwork: How To Work With Your Dreams

Updated: May 20, 2022

This is the time of year for dreaming. You can dream anytime, but when the earth is in its quiet, dark state of winter, you'll find that somehow your access to your inner thoughts is a little bit easier; your sensitivity, a little bit higher.

Dreams are a form of visionary processing we go through on the astral planes. While some of your dreams may be just the brain farts of an over-stimulating day, others actually come through the psychic gateway in your mind, and are connected to the universal rhythm. These dreams are the profound ones, for they can tell you about your future, give you better insights to your past, and help you directly heal trauma or wounding through connecting with spirits, other people, and yourself.

The kicker in--this all tends to happen when you're asleep! You may not remember anything!


In Ancient Egypt, the priestesses would undergo beautiful dream incubations. A dream incubation is an intentional course of dreaming for a specific outcome. You might choose to do a dream incubation if:

❤️ You have to make a choice and you don't know what to do!

❤️ You've been hurt and you're seeking healing from angels or other divine intervention

❤️ You'd like to heal an issue from the past

❤️ You'd like a clear vision about a current issue

❤️ You want to plant seeds of intention for a future issue

Your dream incubation may be short or long, but the more intention that goes into it at the outset, the more likely you'll have clear material to work with upon waking.

I once did a dream incubation for healing around my perspective. I knew that I was seeing a particular issue in my life in a biased way, but I didn't want to change my mindset. So I created a quiet, sacred space in which to do the work, and I wrote my healing intention down. As I did, even more clarity came around the shifts I wanted to make, and I could see how so much of it was emotionally influenced and from childhood wounding. As I began my dream incubation, I called upon angels of healing that I love working with, and then I laid down to sleep.

Although I am often a lucid dreamer with full control in my dreams, and full recollection after the fact, that didn't happen this time. I slept deeply, and when I woke up an hour later, I knew that something had changed within my body. I felt the way I often feel after I've had a deep healing session in Reiki or Acupuncture. When I tried to remember my dream I couldn't, but I felt as if the angels had been doing psychic surgery on my.

I revisited my intentions and did an internal check. Did I still feel confused or biased? There was definitely movement, but I was still a little clouded, so I laid back down, re-affirmed a more specific intention to clear the clouding, and I went back to sleep.

The most important part of dreaming is the surrender. When you surrender to the process, information and/or healing floods in. When I woke up later, it was with a clear epiphany and a strange action plan for my waking life, that I never would have come up with in my conscious ego-based mind.

Are you ready to do a dream incubation?


Everyone's style is different in this work, and I'm the first to admit that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. I've done amazing dreamwork with very little prep or intention, but the one piece that for me makes a key difference is creating sacred space.

To begin, decide what the intention of your dream incubation is. Some past intentions of mine have included:

❤️ To decide which College to attend

❤️ To have clear sight on the core issues for a client

❤️ To receive wisdom about my next step, personally and professionally

❤️ To have an amazing dream with bliss, flying, and ALL of the good things, so that my faith in hopes and wishes and lightness is restored

❤️ To meet the Egyptian God Djehuti and receive wisdom

❤️ To visit with my deceased grandfather and hear his loving perspective

❤️ To connect with a historic figure who has insight on my particular challenge

❤️ To learn more about my past life in ______(fill in the blank! I've done many)

❤️ To sleep deeply and receive true rest, and NOT do astral work

❤️ To clear an entity, or energy that is inhibiting success

Does that give you enough ideas to start? So choose or create one intention to anchor your work.

Next, prep your space. I like to dream on white sheets, in a white night gown with white head wrap (or naked), and for my room to be impeccably clean during incubations. I also take a shower or an energetically clearing salt bath before I incubate. An old Egyptian proverb is, "Cleanliness is next to Godliness!" A clean space helps the energy flow. White is a full spectrum color that helps create a clear backdrop energetically for the work.

I assemble the following items:

A white candle (a tea light is great for this)


dream journal and pen


a bay leaf (only if I'm doing wishing work, or have a question for a deceased)

Now, set your sacred space. A sacred space is a space that is vibrationally lifted by the hands of the divine. If you don't have any training in this kind of work, create a simple space by using your hand to direct energy in drawing a big circle around your entire bedroom. Now, close your eyes and using the light expansion techniques from Reiki 1 Training, fill your entire being and your room with pure light until you've created a big pink loving bubble of protection, love, and goodness. Say:

"I set this sacred space for my dreaming incubation, and ask that it stay in place until I officially close. I ask my guardian spirits, my angels, and my higher self to protect and support this space. Only the highest good can enter here-in. The magic is made; I now begin."

At this point, if I am working with specific deities or archangels, I call them in by name and state my intention. Archangel Michael is very helpful for protection, and for clearing energy chords. Archangel Raphael is very helpful in healing the heart chakra, emotional body, and physical challenges. Archangel Gabriel loves to help with issues around children, with creative writing, and protection. These are some of the most common Archangels. For newbies I suggest the angels because they are a high vibration and easiest to work with. If you have a Goddess you know and work with regularly, you can call her in, instead.

State your intention clearly. This is the time to really put your heart into it, my friend! Prayers travel on emotional intention. You can read your intention, but then speak directly to the universe, placing your challenge into the hands of spirit as you surrender your ego control and prepare to receive messages through your astral gateway in your unconscious self.

If you happen to be dreaming to visit someone deceased, or to receive answers about a wish, then write the name or inquiry on a whole, dried bay leaf. Place it under your pillow to dream. Toss it in a healthy river the following day.

Now go to sleep!

Yes, that's all! I will sometimes set a timer so that my sleep is interrupted, giving me a better chance of remembering. However, the more you practice dream recollection, the easier it will be.

When you awaken, reach immediately for your journal and scribble key words of the entire dream first. Then begin writing the dream down. If it's the middle of the night, use the flashlight so you can see what you're doing. Use a light right near your bed. Keep your phone at least 6 feet from your bed while sleeping (or even out of sacred space). This is nice because then you will not interrupt your sleep rhythm and you can fall back asleep.

If you have trouble recalling your dream:

* Lay back down in the exact position in which you were dreaming. Sometimes this kicks up the body's dream memory and the dream will come flooding back.

* Free-write in your journal whatever you do remember, even if it is just darkness, or the feeling of something having happened. Your mind tends to trigger open memory sequences if it hits on just the right word, so allow yourself to journal around the experience of laying down, or calling in spirit, until something catches. Be very kind with yourself in this process, for the Ego will absolutely shut down wisdom if it's vibrational truth disrupts the status quo. So remember what you can and set the intention to be open for more pieces of the dream drifting back through the day.


As your journal, first journal what happened in your dream. Write in the present tense as if it is still happening. This will awaken more of your memory. Leave space around your journaling.

When you've written the event, go back and create bubbles of commentary where appropriate. This could be other details your remember, or an interesting synchronicity you remember now that you are in waking space. Try not to crush your dream with too much analysis. Let it have space to breathe and rest in your consciousness. Often, powerful dreams shift in our minds once we are awake, and if we remain in a surrendered state around them, we'll get many layers of truth.

See everything that comes up as a form of potential wisdom. Dreams don't just give up ONE truth. They work in a non-linear and are not bound by the laws of physics. They may not have the same time sequence or three dimensional perspectives. By remaining soft in your processing, you'll expand your perspective and receive more of the picture.


It is said that the Egyptian Goddess Isis is the Goddess of dreaming, and that one mark of her priestesses is that they have a natural gift for dreaming prophetic, healing, and visionary dreams.


Incubations are generally at least 4 hours and usually last a full night, to be closed out in the morning. However, you can do an incubation of this kind for up to 3 days if you have the designated space and time.

When you are ready to close out your incubation--before heading to the bathroom or the rest of your waking life-- give thanks to ALL of angels, beings, or deities you called in, saying particular prayers of appreciation for each one, and finishing with, "Go in love, this work is done."

Pinch out your candle. If you used a tea light it may already be out. If you have a designated dreaming candle for this particular incubation, you can look at the wax , scrying to see how it burned, and that will also tell you about your situation.

Open up the circle you drew with your hands, imagining the excess sacred energy absorbing deeply into your room and into the earth as a blessing. Take a moment to ground your own energy with the processes learned in Reiki 1 Training, and re-establishing your personal boundaries of your auric field.

Wash your ritual clothing or sheets and store them nicely for next time.

And that's it! You have done your first incubation! I always love to pour some water into the earth after, or make some other kind of blessing or gift to the earth, for this kind of spiritual work is beautifully complimented by returning our awareness to the natural world we live in. Especially in the quiet of winter!

Blessed Be!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, Ordained Priestess, and Teacher who founded HEALING HEART REIKI to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in Reiki, Goddess Mysteries, Shamanism, and Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics from a magical, peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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