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How To Create A Reiki Wish Box

Updated: May 21, 2022

When I first began working with metaphysics, I found Wish Boxes a very effective way to manifest my dreams. Putting my wishes in the box was a tangible way to surrender the fears of my ego. It helped to effectively flood positive energy into my life, that I could then take and use in productive ways. Would you like to learn how to make the most effective Reiki Box or Wish Box ever? I'll share my process and a few of my favorite tips!


Creating your box doesn't need to be difficult. I have created dozens of wish boxes over the years, and they've all worked. The ones that seemed to work the best were the ones I really loved, so I suggest you enjoy the process of making your box.

The "Box" can actually be a jewelry box, a glass jar, or any other kind of container that makes sense for what you're doing. To USE a Reiki Wish Box, you'll lay hands directly on the outside of the box/jar/container, and run Reiki directly into your prayers. Alternately, some people like to open the box each time they send healing, and pull out scraps of paper or icons that represent their dreams channeling the healing into each of those individually. Let's focus on the Box idea!


I have used old jewelry boxes and lovely trinket boxes from the crystal shop to good effect. When I make boxes, I usually start one of two ways: (a) I make a box out of a recycled item in my house (like a shoe box, or cardboard that can be cut and glued to my specifications), or (b) I head down to my favorite craft store and I buy a very simple balsam wood box that can fit in the palm of my hands. If you are crafting, put aside an afternoon just to decorate your box.

You can:

  • Cut and glue images onto the box, as if it a 3-D vision board.

  • Use a wood burning instrument to burn a design into the surface of the box

  • Pick up some paints and paint the box your favorite manifesting color

The key thing is to call in Reiki energy before you begin your decorating process. Set a firm inner intention that this will become a wish box. As you craft, imagine Reiki flowing through your hands into the box, saturating it to the core.

For extra power, draw the symbols taught in Reiki 2 Training into each side of the box, on the inside of the box. Envision a powerful portal being created as you do this, allowing the box the hold space in multiple dimensions at once.

You can paint over the symbols, allowing them to be hidden, or you can leave them exposed. If you are using a purchased box, or a jewelry box that you don't want to craft, then draw the symbols with your fingertips and a tiny bit of Reiki-charged water. This is also very effective.

Let the box rest for a day once you have created it. Sometimes I'll charge my wish boxes in the center of a crystal grid on my Reiki altar. That way, over the course of 2-3 days, I can visit my box and see if anything needs to be added or changed. I just follow my heart and have fun with the process.


When you're ready to use your Reiki box for the first time, create a simple healing ceremony!

  • Sit down with your box in your hands.

  • Call in Reiki life force energy, allowing the energy to flow through you and the box for 5-10 minutes just to settle into your intention.

  • Enjoy the flow. This isn't a time to rush.

  • Ask your Reiki guides to be with you. This may sound like, "I welcome Reiki energy flow as well as my Reiki spiritual guides and manifesting angels. I now charge this box to be my Reiki wish box, helping me to activate & manifest my dreams. Welcome."

  • Now intentionally flow pure Reiki light into the box, imagine it being filled and flowing.

  • Using your fingers, trace the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd symbol taught in Reiki 2 Training, into the heart of the box, actively opening a Reiki portal for healing. Say, "I ask for Reiki to flow effortlessly and easily toward all wishes put into the box, with harm to none, and for my highest good, and the highest good of all."

When you feel ready, give thanks to your guides, and place your Reiki box in its permanent home. This may be atop an altar, or at the corner of your work desk. Just looking at it, feel filled with the positive energy of the box.


My favorite thing to do is cut small strips of slightly heavier paper, and I write one wish or prayer on each slip of paper. I fold the paper once and put it in the box. Then, as I'm doing energy healing, I can take out one strip at a time, focusing a little bit of Reiki light and positive intention toward that unique wish. Then I put all of the strips back in to be stored. If a wish feels answered or "complete" then I remove teh strip permanently from the box. Over the years, this method has helped keep me focused on goals, 'impossible' dreams, and it has given me a way to remember the people or situations I want to continue to heal.

Your wish box can be used in conjunction with your daily Reiki meditation! It's really fun to have a moment of reaching into the box!

If you really love earth magic, you can also add fetishes or icons to the box. In the past, I have put locks of hair for people who need healing (with permission, please!), and sent the healing that way. It's a method that has been done for thousands of years. You can also add business card from job interviews, or other items if it is easier for you to connect instead of writing your wishes.


Now here's my favorite part! I love to juice up the Reiki box even more by adding these extras in! These are totally optional, but they help create a multi-sensory, full vibrational experience:

  • Add 1 small crystal to the box. Charge it with Reiki, and with the wishing intention of the box. The crystal will help anchor the energy.

  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oil. It can be whatever oil reminds you of manifesting. Some of my favorites are ylang ylang, cinnamon (although it can be caustic so it must be diluted), and cloves. When I'm not sure, I go with a drop of rose or lavender oil, because these are very gentle and bring me right back to my heart energy. It is amazing to open the box and get a very gentle whiff of roses.

  • Add a Bay Leaf. Bay leaves help wishes come true.


Hopefully this article has you jazzed up and excited about making your Reiki wish box! But don't just read for interest. Now make your own! You could have your own box in less than a hour. If you want to use a jar, my quickest "cheat" is to use a mason jar from the kitchen, one that has a lid. I write the symbols in the inside of the lid, and I use cut a pretty paper to fit the inside of the jar, giving privacy to my wishes. Start where you are comfortable with this craft project. In the end, it's about having fun, and opening to healing!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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