What To Wear As An Energy Healer or Practitioner

When i was first beginning my Reiki practice, I used to wonder what to wear as a practitioner. Maybe my concerns were the last dregs of my previous work as a Costume Designer in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Either way, I felt that energy healing should have a certain "look." Over the years I've learned a few practical things about healing work and how to dress. I hope you find these tips helpful!

Be You

When I first began, I felt the strong compulsion to "Dress the part" of healer. In my mind that mean a sharp white suit, like many professional practitioners I saw on webcasts and on TV. The "corporate healer" look was a trope that popped up instantly the moment I imagined doing healing. I also envisioned long sweeping skirts, too much jewelry, and red lipstick, as an alternative. Although I do in fact tend to dress that way most of the time anyways, it's thanks to my costume design years that I resisted the temptation to make a parody of my healing attire.

It's really important to just BE YOU. Energy healing is the extension of your own life experiences as an embodied human on this planet. Even though you are channelling universal life force, part of its powerful expression is the fact that life force is flowing through your human vessel.

Choose Your Power Clothing

My own clothing choices have reflected my own personal experiences. In my spiritual traditions in which I was raised, wearing "all white" is a powerful way to deflect negative energy and maintain clear energetic focus. When I'm in the process of a personal life clearing, or when I'd just like a little more power, focus, and positivity, I tend to wear all white. Now, that doesn't mean you need to wear all white, but think of your own past experiences . . . Are there certain outfits that for you, put you right into your place of power and ease? That is the silhouette of clothing you will want to wear when you are holding healing sessions for others.

Another clothing example-- I have found that long open skirts give me space to move with ease. When they are colorful, I catch glimpses of that while healing, and it puts me in a positive festive mood. For me, when I choose my wardrobe on a healing day, I'm likely to choose long, colorful skirts for this reason. If I'm managing a lot of excess energy, I may choose more muted colors like gray, brown, or black.

Think about the colors that invigorate you, and inspire you. What are the colors and clothing styles that creatively reflect who you really are?

Always Go For Comfort

Finally, always go for comfort. When you are holding session space, you may be standing for long periods of time. I learned over many sessions that on hard floors I prefer shorts shoes that have a good cushion. If I'm outside on earth, I really love going barefoot. Beyond that, sandals tend to tire my feet out after standing. And heels are out fo the question, haha. What shoes make the most sense for you?

Pants with tight waistbands that cut off circulation, or shirts with itchy fabric, will take their toll over time. Choose clothing that feels really comfortable for you like a second skin. I tend to like natural fibers (cotton, hemp), or blends. I find that that they conduct energy better, and wick moisture if I get hot and begin to sweat, without creating funk. For this reason, I'm often found in cotton shirts, tank tops, "peasant" skirts, or even cotton-poly yoga pants with a tunic top. These aren't fancy expensive outfits.

Okay, honestly, I DO love dressing up. And I HAVE had my share of fancy expensive dresses, with wide belts and dangling jewelry, photo-op ready. However, our work as practitioners is not to be photo-ready, it's to feel glorious, centered, grounded, comfortable in our self esteem, and present for our clients. So all of my fancy dresses only pass muster, if I can touch my toes with ease, sit comfortably, and spontaneously dance around without getting too tangled.

Smell Good

Yes, really! I know it sounds funny, but when you're holding a healing space, you're in intimate proximity with others. It's a good idea to make sure that the clothing you're wearing is freshly washed. Style your hair with minimal strong smells for the sake of your clients. It's a good idea to dial down the use of heavy perfumes, because we react differently to smell when we're in a quiet, enclosed space, being still. You don't want to rely on heavy perfumes or deodorants to mask odors. It's a better idea to be freshly washed, to use deodorant (or a salt crystal), and to make sure your clothing isn't holding strong odors.

Finding Your Style

I do think there's something to be said for discovering a style that inspires you. Even though healing work is an internal process, how we hold ourselves in that sacred healing space can also be a part of the inspiration that allows our clients to go deeper. I don't need to do this in a contrived way; it's really just about emanating who you are, in all of your authentic glory.

The next time you go to a bookstore, review books on fashion or personal style. Flip through the magazine rack to see if there are looks that inspire you. I like to keep a Pinterest board of clothing styles that inspire me. While none of them show up in my healing office, they've helped me to identify what I truly enjoy when I'm out shopping, or when I'm creating a look for healing work, ceremony, or ritual.