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Business Mindset in Your Professional Reiki Practice

Updated: May 21, 2022


When we approach our professional practice, we are creating our ideal lifestyle by choosing when we are booking clients, how many, and how frequently. As energy healers, our core health and well being is more important than how much money we make or how many sessions we have. If we feel depleted or overworked, we can't truly do the work we're here to do, so we need to craft our work hours and ideal work patterns with our overall lifestyle in mind.

When we're working as professional healing practitioners, sometimes we're the worker bee--the employee within our practice who fulfills basic administrative functions, serves clients with love, and shows up with consistency. Other times we are the executive, or the boss leading with vision and creativity.

As a boss, we create the mindset and culture around our healing practice, whether it's just us working within the practice, or whether we have employees or a co-op. If you've grown up with bosses and authority figures who lead through fear, coercion, and who put financial success and customer happiness over the well-being of employees, then you may naturally create this dynamic for yourself within your practice. It can be surprisingly easy to push yourself to be a "perfect employee" for your own business, showing up for clients even when you need rest.

Recognize that as the "boss" of your healing practice, you can learn to lead yourself with compassion and kindness. When you create necessary boundaries and put a self-care driven lifestyle first, you actually prevent toxic patterns (like overworking, over giving, or choices made from guilt or stress) in your life and business. As a boss, having those boundaries in place helps you make good long term decisions to support the continuity of your career. Once you have good boundaries and a good overarching structure for your business, then being the smiling worker bee is an easy, super fun thing! If your boss mindset is missing or entrenched in beliefs that don't support your own holistic wellness, you'll stop having fun in your work and you or your clients may suffer.


When bills need to be paid, it's easy to default to an employee mindset and over-work in order to cover what's needed, rather than taking a step back and making a better executive decision that's more beneficial in the long run. That's because you've likely learned that "hard work" is the answer. However, in developing your professional practice, the work doesn't have to be "hard," you just want it to be smart. If you work strategically, in a healing model that makes sense for your lifestyle, then you'll be able to enjoy your work 24/7. You definitely don't want to just re-create a hamster wheel of repetitive work that you're enslaved to, so make sure you're using your leadership and employee mindsets at the right time.


If a favorite client calls in an emergency but you've already extended yourself due to personal life challenges, you don't have a greater boss who will tell you, "Take the day off, I'll handle it." If a surprise bill comes up but you haven't scheduled enough clients to live in a financially abundant state, with extra money padding your bank account, you may work beyond your means. In both cases, your inner employee says "just do the work and take the consequences." Instead, let your inner executive look at the bigger picture from a creative perspective to find a solution that works across the board. That might mean raising rates slowly over time so work is better balanced. It could mean scheduling clients of similar vibrational temperament on certain days, so you're already in the flow. It might mean changing your work hours to have more rest, or changing your work model to allow for more recovery. Either way, hold your boundaries and give yourself mental space to look at creative solutions.


When I was first starting my healing practice, I often had days in which I was concerned about money, but I was determined not to let that overshadow or affect my healing work.

One day I sat down and create a list of 100 ways to creatively make money if for some reason I wasn't making enough through running my healing practice. At first, writing that list felt difficult. After a while, my creative flow kicked in, and suddenly I had tons of ideas. I could sell wholesale magical goods in bulk to some of my old wholesale providers; I could stitch up the holes and make small adjustments as an after hours seamstress; I could re-open the ESL tutoring side hustle I used to run! I pulled ideas from my past, and wrote down everything possible, even if it seemed silly, or undesirable! I could teach dance classes to toddlers; I could wild forage herbs and create fresh bundles for $5 each for the moms at school. . . Once I'd opened up to my creativity, I began to understand that there were hundreds of ways for me to make money, and that I didn't have to stress about it within my practice. I knew that if I was determined, I would learn the things I needed to learn in order to master my career, and in the meantime I just needed to stay connected to my creative, solution-driven mindset.

Everyday, you've got an inner employee and an inner executive boss who are ready and waiting to help you create your ideal life. Make sure you're employing the right inner archetype for the job, and keep feeding yourself the educational articles and resources to grow alongside your dreams!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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