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How to Recognize Signs From the Universe

I saw a comic strip the other day in which a guy was standing at the top of a cliff praying, and a voice said "Jump!" The guy began to argue with this voice: "What? Are you sure? The next cliff top is too far. I'll fall to my death! What? Really?"

What the guy couldn't see was that the back end of his cliff top was crumbling and that he was probably going to fall to his death anyways.

The voice didn't argue back. It simple said once again, "Jump."

"Seems like a really bad idea!"

I'm sure you've had moments in your life like this, in which you've argued with a deeper voice of wisdom. That voice is always very clear and unresolved, and no matter what you do it doesn't really change. You can try to make sense of it, but you can't negotiate or change the real truth, because the essence of truth never changes. It's a very clean vibration.

In the comic strip the guy is sweating bullets but chooses to jump even though the next cliff is obviously too far. He leaps into the unknown-- and drops about three feet through fog, only to land very safely on a wide-platformed stairwell he couldn't see from above.

Of course he takes the stairs up to the next cliff face, healthy and happy.

I loved reading this comic because it so perfectly demonstrates an element of faith that is at play in our lives all of the time. However, in real life we often argue with that voice from above until our options are gone. We find reasons to procrastinate until the cliff beneath us is rumbling, we're falling uncertainly though space, and we have to leap or face certain death.

Why do we wait so long? Because we don't see or trust the signs from the universe!


Unlike the comic strip, the universe and our own subconscious higher self is pretty good at giving us signs when it's time to flow with change. Life naturally creates patterns, and we see small patterns repeated in larger ways, in everything.

Zen Buddhist monks celebrate this through meditative sand and rock gardens, where rocks are akin to mountains, and small bonsai trees are meant to replicate beautiful towering trees.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the way the larger outer world and our own human inner world relate is introduced through the ideas of the Macrocosm and Microcosm.

Often if we are struggling in a relationship, we'll see patterns around the main sticking points popping up in other relationships; we just need to get still enough to witness the patterns. Seeing the pattens is a way of knowing before that voice comes, what is about to happen. To do that, lean into your daily meditation practice. Begin today, even if it's only 5 minutes of quiet.

In the meantime, your subconscious will yell things like, "Jump!"


When you're not sure whether or not that voice is your true voice, or an interloper like the voice of your family telling you (in your head) what you should be doing, remember that your voice of truth will often:

Feel deeply resolved. There's no drama around it.

Feel fairly detached from emotion. Truth is not emotional, it just IS. Social expectations or family judgements on the other hand may show up in your subconscious as filled with emotional pressure towards some action, or shame-inducing, or even tinged with fear: "If you don't do this you will come to ruin". Social voices aren't necessarily bad, they just require more reflection because they are not your voice of truth. Your true voice often doesn't even include an "I" or "You" because the more aligned with truth, your persona is taken out of it, and you are viewing your life from that truth. Thus there is very little "I need...." And never any "You should..." Those are signs that your ego, social conditioning, or your scared inner child may be speaking up, and all need to be honored in their own way.

Indicate a need for action. The HOW may not always be indicated (unless that happens to be another truth). That voice may come through as "Something needs to change." It may be situational in which something you're doing on involved in suddenly invokes a full-stop, and you feel a simple, clear, "No." Or "Yes!"


Acting on your inner truth can feel scary if you don't do it often. This is because truths often fly against social conditioning. There are may signs our spiritual guides will give us that we're not alone, and that we're on the right path:

🌺 Repeating Numbers. You may begin noticing repeating numbers like 111, 3:33, etc on the clock, on license plates, in stories, on call-tags, or in payments

🌺 Small White Feathers. It is said that small white feathers in your path are a sign that the angels are with you.

🌺 Surprising "Coincidences." You may have moments where you were just thinking or talking about a person, and then you run into them. Or you go somewhere asking for help, and you find a book with the perfect topic. I call this 'Divine Coincidences' that are the universe coinciding with the vibration of our truth and sending us things to help support the unfolding.

🌺 Opening Doors. You may find sudden invitations bringing you into new experiences. Likewise, old relationships may fade, or you may feel blocked on paths you've taken make times.

The more you listen to the universe, the more you'll recognize the special way in which it speaks to you. Just like when you were a baby and you learned to speak or walk, it took time and practice, but you didn't give up and now here you are! Likewise, give yourself grace and kindness as you practice listening to the universe and recognizing signs.


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, Ordained Priestess, and Teacher who founded HEALING HEART REIKI to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in Reiki, Goddess Mysteries, Shamanism, and Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics from a magical, peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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