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Becoming the Energy in All Moments

Updated: May 21, 2022

This morning I’m taking care of my body with healthy food and exercise. Being an energy healing practitioner isn’t just about laying on hands and zapping people with energy. It’s necessary to honor the personal healing of my my mind, body, spirit, and emotions in order to do what I do.

My energy field—like yours— is encoded with stories, values, insights, and many other vibrations of fear or love in varying amounts. The best thing I can do as a practitioner is find the edge of my growing towards love. The more I can simply BE love, the more effortlessly those around me are reminded of their own divinity. This is true for all of us...

The more you tend your own energy through practical actions, BECOMING an emanation of love in any given moment, the more effortlessly your loved ones tap into their own higher states of being to create value, connection, and inner well-being.


🍁 Work out

🍁 Enjoy laughing with friends

🍁 Take frequent breaks to savor life

🍁 Eat slow and well

🍁 Hug a tree. Or the earth.

🍁 Sleep with a light heart

🍁 Dream up your life

🍁 Do the things you love

🍁 Face discomfort with total presence

🍁 Discover what brings you pleasure

🍁 Allow healthy life boundaries to help you cultivate your inner garden

Good living begins with a decision to be in your own skin, aware of what feeds you on a deeper level. For me this morning, it’s some body-love-worship via the clink of weights at the gym. What is it for you?

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