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November 2022 NEWS & UPDATES @ Healing Heart Reiki


If you get my newsletter, this first part is familiar, but check down below for a calendar of events for this month...

So much has shifted this year in Healing Heart Reiki, and I've been loving the journey. In the summer I decided to take a one year hiatus from teaching Reiki Master Training. I still expected to teach Reiki 1 Training monthly as I've done generally, but instead I took a sharp right turn and deepened into my private coaching practice.

Meeting with men and women on topics of self care, inner awareness, love relationships, and business growth has been really awesome. Big discovery here-- I love the multi-week container where we really have a chance to get under the surface and to the heart of themes coming up. I feel so thankful for every single private client I've had this year.

I've loved seeing people claim their personal power and release deep emotions and beliefs holding them back.

BUT... Lately I've been missing Reiki 1 classes, so after a few weeks of looking over my lesson plan, I've updated the Reiki 1 Training format!

Past students have said it's challenging to keep a practice in that first month, and yet I've noticed the students with the highest success are the ones who find time to practice, not just be in the theory of Reiki. So I'm now offering a special space for students of this next round to receive daily accountability or prompts to tend to that practice real-time. That's 30 days of healing! But in a bite sized, casual flow that compliments your life, instead of fighting against it. I'm really excited about this, especially this time of year when everyone needs healing.

The training modules have also been parsed out over more time to integrate. I can't wait to see how it goes.

This fresh experimental version of Reiki 1 Training is coming on November 20th, followed by Shamanic training, and "NOURISH," a 1 day online retreat. If you're thinking of taking Reiki 1 with me, or you have questions, please feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page. Meanwhile, I'm pulling together the details to share them with you.

Also, if you're thinking of taking Reiki Master Training with me once I offer it again, please note that you will need to take Reiki 1 with me, and this is a great time to do it. It will put you on a lovely spacious timeline towards Reiki Master Training.


Events & Updates

❤️ Do They Deserve Forgiveness? (Tuesday Live 11/8) -Enjoy this free Facebook Live in my facebook group at 10AM. Each week we discuss a different topic.

❤️ Where to Find Clients For Your Local Healing Practice (Tuesday Live 11/15) -Are you in a service oriented business? Trying to find more clients? Join this free Facebook Live in my Facebook group, and get some fast answers and starting points to build your practice.

❤️ Reiki 1 Training & Certification (Begins 11/20) -30 Days of Healing! Learn the basics of meditation, clearing negative mindset, and healing yourself and others in this beginning level Reiki class. You will leave as a certified attuned Reiki 1, capable of healing yourself and others. Class has recently been revamped. We open with a zoom call @ 10AM on Sunday the 20th. This kicks off our 4-week hybrid training with online modules, casual group discussions that fit around your schedule, and a live zoom closing call on December 18th. Reach out to me if you'd like to join in.

❤️ HHR OFFICE HOURS (11/21 Zoom) - For Students & Alumni ONLY, join Office Hours to explore all of the resources available for you as a student or alumni. Ask your questions about Reiki & Shamanic Practice. Want to know how to go deeper? Feeling uncertain about whether your work is ‘real?’ This is the Office Hours to attend!

UPDATE FOR 2023: Dailey's "Office Hours" will be listed as "STUDENT Q&A" beginning January of 2023. Students and alumni of Healing Heart Reiki are invited to this Student Q&A once a month. These are held the 3rd Monday of each month at 12NOON.

Please note, all calls are recorded in zoom, and beginning 2023 will be placed inside of the member portal for students to review as topics come up. If you'd like to remain anonymous, you are welcome to come screen-off or audio off.

2022 had some really amazing conversations and I look forward to hanging out with you again in 2023!

❤️ Receiving Pleasure & Abundance (Tuesday Live 11/29) -Enjoy this free Facebook Live in my facebook group @ 10AM. Each week we discuss a different topic.

❤️ And... JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP! - If you haven't done so already, join my Facebook Group! We have a lot of fun there, and you'll get some cool treats!

blessings, Dailey


*the pics above are from Unsplash

DAILEY LITTLE is a transformational life and business coach for light workers and healers who are ready to embrace their livelihood. She is also an ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher. She founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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