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How to Approach Food for Spiritual Well Being

Updated: May 21, 2022

In order to heal, you’ve got to look at basic components of:

✅ Physical Health ✅ Mental Alignment ✅ Emotional Well Being ✅ Spiritual and Energetic Life Force

Within each of these categories, The healing components show up again... So in within physical health, you want to consider what your feeding your body, how you physically care for it, your inner dialogue, mindset, feelings about your body and its abilities, and vital energy.

Everyone has a personal health spectrum. For some people, maintaining physical well being looks like running 10 miles a day, eating lean organic meats and veggies, and practicing rigorous movement-based meditation. For others their everyday meals revolve around Jack in the Box and frozen pizza, and they work at a desk job, or can’t really move much at all.

No matter where you are in health, your actions, foods, and mindset around health create an ecosystem within your body that is deeply interwoven into every aspect of your well being.

Feed yourself images and ideas of health that resonate FOR YOU.

If you’re the fast food lover, you’ll do best to up-level what fast food restaurants you are eating at, as an intermediary step before exploring things like slow cooking or healthy delivery options. You can begin to think with mindfulness about where your food comes from, how nutritive it tastes, or how you feel just after eating. Notice how much your body moves, what kinds of movements feel good, and take small steps with it.

Similarly if you’re the healthy food “expert” you can up-level your experience by deepening in vibrational awareness in what you’re consuming. Learn to sense the chain of causation that has brought your food to you, and then deepen into the appreciation, pleasure, and bliss of self nourishment. Notice which foods feel good and which affect you poorly. Notice where you are pushing in physical activity versus where movement is a joy. Take small steps to bring in more joy.

In our society we have so much judgement around what we “should” be eating, and how we “should” be moving, but in truth THERE IS ONLY YOU. You are only accountable to yourself, your world view, and the earth that sustains you.

If you feel ashamed of how you eat, or what you’re putting into your mouth—


Instead, focus on what you know:

+ to be good for you + will bring you real nourishment + helps you feel positively expansive or light when you eat it

And if you don’t know how to eat in a way that feels nourishing and settling, then look into podcasts, classes, or books to broaden your mindset for success in this area.

The same goes for physical activity. Don’t let scales, Doctor notes, and other outside sources activate shame for who you are. Instead, move from love and take the actions that are deeply aligned and feel good for you.

Food is not good or bad. Food nourishes. It’s part of your prayer and daily living experience to determine what is the best food for you in any given moment, and for your long term health.

When you’re feeding your body high quality fuel—through food and movement—your mind, emotional system (which is driven by bodily chemicals), and spirit have a much stronger foundation for peace and well-being.

Don’t ever feel ashamed of what you’re doing... just learn to listen within and make better and better choices that honor you.

Xoxo Dailey


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, Ordained Priestess, and Spiritual Teacher who founded HEALING HEART REIKI to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in Reiki, Goddess Mysteries, Shamanism, and Ancient Egyptian Metaphysics from a magical, peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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