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Final Week of the Year

Updated: May 21, 2022

Here we are in the final week of the year. I love to use this time for:

💕 Reflection

✨ Tying up loose ends

💕 Forgiveness of myself (or others)

✨ Addressing outstanding anger

💕 Healing shame

✨ Getting PUMPED about the New Year

Some years it’s really easy to reflect and move forward. Other years it feels tangled and hard.

For now, I’m happy to be alive, and I’m working on shedding the conscious *and unconscious fear this year created within me. This feels even more important to me than the rest of the activities I listed above, this year. Why? Because unaddressed fear twists our thoughts and is crippling to our creative, vital force. When fear is alive, it is hard to focus on forgiveness or reflection, because we’re still in a heightened survival state.

I know that when I spend time in nature my body starts to move and breathe in different ways... better!

I know that warm baths always relax me, especially when I’m super resistant to drawing one...

So guess what I’ll likely be doing everyday this week?

Yes, in addition to time in prayer, meditation, and action, I’ll be going to BIG nature and taking hot baths everyday until I feel clear as a whistle.

By ‘BIG nature,’ I mean swaths of land where animals rule more than humans.

I have learned to prioritize actions such as these, and to recognize that they are essential to my well-being. Every year I get a teeny weeny bit better at returning to my wild state.

What are YOU doing this week? 


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