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December New Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: May 21, 2022

Tomorrow's NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS on December 14th is at 8:16 AM PST.

This new moon coincides with an eclipse, which offers us yet another intentional vibration in which to reset and uplevel in areas related to intuition, inner knowing, and in our emotional technology for gentle inner tending and self care.

I love Sag moons! They tend to be playful and light! This moon, howver, may pull at parts of us that long for communication and time with others while also inviting us to reflect on how healthy or ‘real’ those relationships actually are.

Take time to do something that lights up your spirit. Though you may want to shy away from the deeper discussions happening within your life relationships, this is a great time to find balance between having fun, and really grounding into the truth of how you want to move in the world.

Think of your intentions. Do they excite you? Either re-craft them so that you just CAN’T WAIT to get sugar done, or let those intentions go. They’ve got to have a spark, or they may not last.

Remember, this December offers a beautiful smorgasbord of energies to help tease you into alignment for next year. So, don’t stop. It’s okay if you’re not dure what you want, or not sure how to do make life work for you. Keep your dancing feet in gentle motion as you get into your true emotional groove. Can you find where true happiness lives inside of you no matter what? And then tend it a little bit everyday? Begin there, and by next year your life will be sweet as cherry pie.

Make sure your magical week includes laughter!



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