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Setting Your Intentions with the New Moon in Capricorn

The NEW MOON in CAPRICORN is Friday, December 23rd at 2:17AM. This month's new moon falls right before Christmas. What I love about the new moon coming at this time of year, is that Capricorn, the power-dominating taskmaster of the zodiac, gives us a very focused window of energy to close out our year with strong intentions, and to set a clear plan for success before 2023 rings in. Capricorn's energy is earthy, driven, and tireless in pursuit of its goals. If you can tap into the healing transmission of this new moon, it will help you develop great strategies for your life, create effective lists where necessary, and keep your footing challenged.

Decide What You Want to Improve

Between now and the New Moon, decide what you want to work on. If you've been following my blog, you may have already done the Full Moon ritual this month, which was all about re-centering your personal power for the winter season.

Now, as that full moon wanes, use the shift in energy to look at specific areas in your life that need improvement. This is your prep for the coming year.

🌙 Were there ways this year could have been stronger or more balanced for you if you'd made small changes?

🌙 What would you like to transform about your life or situation?

🌙 Choose your most important area of focus and dive deeper into the questions above. What is your goal?

These are huge questions so if you're freezing up as you read, it's probably a natural reaction. Let's break that ice! If you're ready for transformation, pull out your journal and do a bit of free-writing around these questions. Write by hand to allow your heart to speak to you.

You might be wondering, "how do I even know what I want to improve in my life or what my goal is?"

Journaling will help you uncover your deeper needs and desires. Write about where you are currently, and your dreams of how you wish things could be. Let your narrative open you to deeper dialogue with yourself.

For example, if you're a new entrepreneur and you've been feeling overwhelmed as you tackle your business alone, journal about this. Let your observations flow.

🌙 What have you been working on in your new business?

🌙 Where is it feeling hard?

Your Heart Chakra (or energy center) is a powerful energetic transformer. Opening your heart chakra energy is key to unlocking creative solutions, so pour your heart out on paper. Be honest. Be raw. This is just for you and nobody else. You may find new ideas popping up as you write. Write those too!

Oops, back to our example!

It's possible that your overwhelm is caused by a lack of knowledge about how to do certain tasks. Or maybe you need to improve your time management and prioritization skills. Your journaling may reveal that it's time to hire a virtual assistant who can help you stay organized and keep on track, while also taking the load off of your task list.

Instead of looking for solutions intellectually, channel the grounding energy of the coming moon in Capricorn to feel into the solutions that come up from within.

Here's another example: If you've been feeling unfulfilled in your career, journal around why. It's the story that comes from your heart that will reveal your best solutions going forward. You might discover that you need to improve your communication skills so that you can effectively voice your concerns and be heard at work. Or you may realize you need a new job with a company that aligns with your values and passions. When you journal, you'll start to hone in on the right solutions, because they will feel clear and expansive the more you write.

You may not want to write. You may feel resistance to the energy. Likely your ego will pipe up and say, "But I'm done already!" Friend, keep writing. Write to burst past ego, and get into your heart.

Deciding what you want to improve is also easier if you look at what you've already released this year, and become aware of what may be holding you back from your biggest dreams and visions. Don't play small here. Choose to transform what lights you up and excites you, but don't shy away from a little work and effort.

Again, here are some journal prompts:

  • What did I love about this past year?

  • What would I like to see more of in the coming year?

  • What area of my life could use an overhaul that would ultimately improve everything? (health, love life, career, money, spirituality, mindset, etc)

  • If I knew with absolute certainty that I could succeed, I would create/do/be/have... (try every variation of this sentence)

How To Set Your Vision and Goals For the Next Year

Some years I feel crystal clear about what I'd like to create, but in other years, I've needed to journal, and then let my thoughts integrate, before returning to the same questions to dig deeper. I encourage you to put aside two 30-minute windows for journaling this week. "What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months?"

Take what you've been exploring about your desires, and start to formulate a vision for the next 12 months. Refine your vision by meditating upon it as part of your daily practice.

Then set S.M.A.R.T. goals in order to really ensure you are setting yourself up for success. SMART is an acronym that invites you to set goals that can actually be achieved, by making them Specific, Measured in small steps or milestones, Achievable rather than left to a prayer, Relevant to your daily life, and Time-sensitive with a real end date.

(If you need to learn more about building smart goals, you can check out my other blog here.)

Now, set your vision for next year. Make sure you're being realistic with your expectations. Focus on the tiny steps you can imagine yourself naturally folding into your life right now. This will keep you motivated!

Develop a Plan of Action and Accountability

Now that you've set your vision and main goals for the year, it's time to develop your plan of action. Consider what it is that you need to do to reach your goals. Answer each of these questions in your journal: What can you do each day to stay on track? What steps do you need to take to get there? What do you need in order to hold yourself accountable?

If this sounds a little overwhelming, you can book a one-on-one session with me and we can set up a strategy for your year, together. I'll help you take the desires in your heart and find an actionable beginning.

In the meantime, how about a New Moon Ritual? ...Keep going, it's below.

A New Moon Incense Ritual for Setting Intentions

On the evening of the New Moon or anytime within the 3 days after, do your intention-setting ritual. The timing is important because this is when the universe is especially open to receiving whatever you want to manifest.

One of my favorite intention-setting rituals is simply an incense burning. It's said that incense is how our prayers are brought to the heavens. Incense is a great way to honor that earthy intelligent energy of Capricorn. you can choose any intentional magical incense for this work, or go with your favorite sacred offering incenses such as copal, frankincense & myrrh, or cinnamon.

Create a quiet safe space and call in Reiki life force energy to help transmute negativity and open your heart. Light some candles, or go outside onto the earth if you're needing more grounding and focus.

I love sacred chants and mantras, so I usually open with one. If you have spiritual or religious beliefs you can call in the divine to help anchor your intentions and witness your work.

Otherwise, you can say, "I dedicate this incense offering and prayers to the sacred heart of the earth. I give thanks for . . . "

As you burn the incense, give thanks for all of the things that you are thankful for.

Then say:

"I now set intentions for what I am manifesting. As I speak, this vision or something much better, is coming into being. I trust my manifestations to arrive in perfect time, as they always do. May this work be only for my highest good, and the highest good of all."

Now share your intentions for what you are manifesting, and what you would like the next year to bring and hold.

Close your eyes. See yourself in the flow of success. Feel it to be easy and filled with love.

Envision yourself having already achieved your goals. What does your life look like when you have already reached your goals? How are you feeling? What are you doing?

As you speak, share from a place of love, joy, and gratitude. You want to keep your intention as positive as possible. For example: “I am so grateful for having the finances to pay off my debt. I am grateful for having an extra $5,000 in my savings account. I am grateful that my annual taxes are now taken care of." Or, "2023 is already here, and I'm filled with so much love for the friends I'm able to share my time with. I am grateful for the game nights and the big house painting party, and the laughter as I move into the new house.”

When your are complete, sit in contemplation, and thank the divine. Drink some tea and ground your energy.

Revisit Your Vision Again Before the New Year

After your new moon ceremony, revisit your vision at least once to ensure that you're totally on board, and set for the New Year. If you find yourself doubting your vision, return to the drawing board and make whatever tweaks are necessary for you to feel great about your goals.

The truth is, 2023 starts off with even more astrological opportunities to keep refining for the first 3 weeks. So revisiting and revisioning is a great practice.

Although holidays are a time when people tend to get slightly off track with goals, you can set tiny milestones so you aren't overwhelmed. Re-evaluate after New Year's Day to get right back on track.

One way that I like to revisit intentions, is through sacred walking. Buddhist and Christian monks have both practiced meditative walking for centuries. Called circumambulations, it opens your mind and reconnects your mind, body, and spirit with the right intention.

If you have a neighborhood labyrinth, you can walk it and use that time to review your vision. Otherwise, try taking a nice woodsy hike and let your muscles burn through any emotional resistance you may be holding to your dreams.

Enjoy the New Moon!

New moons are always a great time to set intentions, but the key is to continue to revisit your intentions in the days that follow as the moon grows full. Celebrate how far you've come at the full moon. Then, as the next moon wanes, you can again release whatever you need to let go of to remain motivated and at peace in your creative process.

This is a really magical time of year, so take full advantage. And if you have questions about anything you've read, please feel free to reach out to me directly here.

blessed new moon! Dailey


DAILEY LITTLE is a transformational life and business coach for light workers and healers who are ready to embrace their livelihood. She is also an ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher. She founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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