S.E.X.Y. Goals

Sexy Goals

In addition to being SMART, make sure your goals are SEXY!

Sexy is not gender specific, it’s being connected to your earthy human nature and being able to express it without reserve. As celebrities on tv have shown us, sexy can be classy or it can seem raunchy, but it is often unstoppable. People can’t help but look when something sexy is happening. A sexy person can bring light and resources to the things we are afraid to look at (I think of Audrey Hepburn’s humanitarian work). A sexy person can reconnect us with our own sexiness, and inspire creativity. No matter what you do, where you work, or how you live, sexiness can amp up your joy and sense of connection. If you have a master plan, does it pass the SEXY test?

S- Stretch. Reach new levels of personal success and greatness by stretching. Just as you stretch muscles a little at a time in order to be flexible, choose micro-goals that stretch your comfort zone and resources in ways that inspire. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. The key question here is: “Does this goal stretch my resources or break them?”

E- Excite. Make sure that your goal is exciting to your sense of well-being. It’s easy to choose goals that excite our ego, our status radar, our career ambition, or our immediate sense of physical gratification. However, make sure this goal excites your heart, your spirit, and your inner child. Your key question is: “Am I excited because this is what I want in my heart, or because this is what the world tells me I should want?”

X- XFactor. Choose a goal with pathways that feel exotic, that lead you into new mysteries and adventures in your life. Yes, sometimes we need to take care of the basics, but the xfactor reminds us of the mystery of living. We all want to embody a bit of je ne sais quois, so that requires choosing goals that take us away from the predictable standards. Is there a third option? Can you turn a situation on its head? The Xfactor is that goal (or way of completing a goal) that feels exotic to you, that calls you to accelerate into the curve, trusting your innate skill and having faith in the world around you. The key question to ask yourself as you step out of your comfort zone is: “Am I still feeling inspired and motivated, or does this goal shut down my creative drive in total fear?”

Y- Yes. When you reflect on your goal and the plans you’ve put into play to achieve it, your gut should rumble in deep appreciation. Your heart should practically sing “Yes!!!” as if you could already taste the success of climbing your highest mountain. This goal should inspire you to the bone. We all struggle at times, but even struggle can feel heroic. The key questions to consider are: “Does this prize feel ripe? Does this pathway match my persona? Do I feel a YES inside?”

What is sexy for one person may not be for another. Don’t look at the surface of your goal, look at how your goal makes you feel. Your goal can be very simple: “To walk across the Golden Gate Bridge by Fall Exquinox.” To others, it may not seem sexy, But if it inspires the right answers to the questions above, then it is the perfect goal for you!


© 2012 Dailey Little. Dailey is a Reiki Master teacher and intuitive healing practitioner. She teaches Reiki & other fun stuff through her private practice in Santa Rosa, CA. Join her joyful community for ReikiShares, Free Clinics, and eco-activism by signing up at her website, www.SantaRosaReiki.com." You are welcome to reproduce this article provided you do so in its entirety, including the copyright and blurb. 

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