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Full Moon in Gemini, December 7th 2022

Ready for some lunar magic?

December's Full Moon in Gemini will have you feeling connected, communicative, and ready to socialize!

The FULL MOON in GEMINI is Wednesday December 7th, at 8:09PM PST. If you're looking for a little cosmic magic this December, look no further than the Full Moon in Gemini! This lunation is all about connection and communication, so get ready to socialize! The energy of the lunar cycle is high in mental and spiritual awareness and engagement, so this is a great time to connect with like-minded individuals who can help you to achieve your goals. In other words, this is great time for networking, so don't hesitate to reach out to those in your professional circle.

With the full moon's energies focused on communication and connection, now is the perfect time to make yourself heard. Remember, Gemini energy is twin energy, so you might find that one part of you wants to socialize and network, while the other somehow wants to get everything else done at the same time. With the Sun in Sagittarius, your fire and spontaneity are heightened and jonesing for fun--

But WOW it has been a full year. As a society we are still coming out of the other end of the Pandemic and the collective trauma that has created in our psyche. Strong seasonal colds are afoot in the darkening winter, and as you choose your way forward, really listen into your intuition for what you personally need to do, to ensure a happy season.

Whether you're connecting with friends, family, or your wider community, this Full Moon is magical and sure to bring blessings.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to do and the challenges you face, try taking a few deep breaths and focusing on the present. You may find it helpful to journal about your feelings for a while.

The Full Moon in Gemini offers a great opportunity for you to make connections with others and explore new ideas. You can also use the energy of this lunation to set goals for yourself and take steps to live your dreams.

For some of you, this moon may bring a lot of mental stimulation, movement, and decision making. If you're feeling overwhelmed by everything you need to do, try taking a few deep breaths and focusing on the present moment. Breath work, morning walks, and bundling up in blankets in a quiet space to nap, will all help balance that elemental energy.

As busy as this season can be, make it a priority to take time to reflect. Honoring your intuition and listening to your inner guidance will help you make the best choices possible. Be sure to take a look at what you really want to do, and do just that! The universe is always working on your behalf, and if you make yourself heard through the right channels, your wishes, dreams, and goals will manifest.

This moon is a great wishing moon, but it won't usually pop up those manifestations in visual form. The intentions you hold as we round out the last part of the year, burrow deep like seeds being planted into earth. Any Full Moon magic you do now, will work by seeding transformation within you, so you can become the person, over time, who can hold your biggest dreams.


This ritual can be performed either indoors or outdoors. It should be performed during the night, either at dusk or after midnight. Supplies: -A large white candle -A small dish of salt -A bowl of water -A piece of paper and a pen -Incense -An altar or clean surface Instructions: 1. Begin by calling in Reiki light. Welcome this healing light of love, and envision it creating a strong orb of white light that holds you and protects you. Don't skip this take at least five minutes here.

2. When you are ready, place your candle in the center of your altar or workspace, and light it with love in your heart. Say, "I light this candle in honor of tonight's full moon in gemini. I welcome my angels who watch over me with love. May my path always be guided." Imagine the candle light pouring into all areas of your life, bringing healing and grace where you need it most. Say or Chant three times, "The fire flames with love and light; the fire burns to bless the night." 3. Now pick up and hold the bowl of water in your hands, channeling Reiki, love, and light into the water. Imagine it glowing with healing light. Speak into the water, sharing everything you appreciate about this year. "Sacred water, reflection of my own inner tides, lets remember together all of the beautiful blessings we have received this year. I'm so thankful for. . ." 4. Take a pinch of salt into your left hand. "Blessed salt, your crystals hold the wisdom of the earth, and the deep emotional connection of the sea. I return you to water, that I may blessed be." 5.This salt symbolizes all of the moments this past year when you cried, both in grief and joy. It also symbolizes all that you didn't, or couldn't cry about at the time. Drop it into the water, stirring until dissolved. Take a moment to speak and pray from your heart. Share directly into this salty water the experiences of your year that brought happy tears, grief, unspoken fear, and catharsis. Some events may still be ongoing. It's okay. This is a moment for you to be present with yourself, and witnessed in divine awareness. 6. Ritual is the sacred space where we come back to our soul self, and calling. Take time with this deep work of reflecting ad healing. Remember that you are a powerful transformational human. There's an old song in the earth based tradition. "She changes everything she touches and everything she touches changes." Sing it now, with some variance, honoring your inner feminine, masculine, duality, and non-duality within: She changes everything she touches, and everything she touches changes. He changes everything he touches, and everything he touches changes. They're changing everything they touch and everything they're touching changes. I am touching, I am changing, I am changes, I am touching. Let your singing be silly, free, and fun. You can say or even dance. As you move, let the saltiness and the sweetness of your year flow through you. Acknowledge how resilient you are and how wise you are becoming with each passing day. When the time is right, take up your paper and pen in your hands. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to become clear and focused. Write a message to yourself, something to remind you of your power, and to keep alive that thread of light through the dark of winter. Fold your message and place it on your altar. Spend quiet time with your candle, envisioning the blessing energy of the rays fo the moon pouring down over you. When you're ready, walk barefoot outside and pour your bowl of sacred water into the earth. "With this gift, I release all attachments to my year, and begin to see all experiences as gifts that have forged me to the the strong, heartfelt person I am. So it is." Walk in silence back to your altar. Give thanks to your guiding angels, and begin the process of grounding your energy. Snuff out the candle. Place your hands on the earth (aka the floor) and envision sending any excess light energy that has been raised, down into the earth as a gift. Say, "I give thanks for being able to singand dance beneath the moon, and to all who were with me in this healing rite. I now release the energy with love back to the earth. I ask that this working be grounded, and that the healing blessings of this work flow through my life, for my good, and the highest good of all. So be it. Blessed be.

And don't forget to dance beneath the moon!

moon blessings,



DAILEY LITTLE is a transformational life and business coach for light workers and healers who are ready to embrace their livelihood. She is also an ordained Priestess and spiritual teacher. She founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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