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Indigo and Crystal Children


This week’s oracle card is INDIGO AND CRYSTAL CHILDREN from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Deck. We get to spend another week with the illuminating energies of Metatron! This time he tells us, “You have a bond with children. In particular, you can help children who are sensitive.”

It took me quite a while to understand the special gifts of this card and its messages. Even as a mother of a very psychic and intelligent child (who some may call a Rainbow child), I sometimes pull this card in the midst of things and wonder, “What does this have to do with me?” Likewise, I feel particularly guided to point out that if you are childless, or even privately quite averse to children and their joyfully chaotic vibrations, you may be thinking, “This post is not for me!” But the angels were very clear that this is a big message for all of us to sit with at this time.

First, there is a big misconception that you must be young or born in a certain window of years to be classified as one of these special Indigo or Crystal Children. In fact, though increasing numbers of these children are being born, there have been some in each generation, often characterized by the patterns, vibrations, and colors found in their energy fields at a very young age.

Indigo Children often have energy fields of a vivid royal or dark purple. As a young child, I was always told when I attended psychic fairs, “You are very psychic. You have a completely purple auric field. You will do much in the field of metaphysics.” Being a typical kid, I though this was pretty general, and I was thrilled, but didn’t really understand how the intuitive sensitivities I had then could compare the the structured way that consulting psychics worked.

Still, I was an Indigo Child, and many of you reading are--or know of--other Indigos who may not even be aware that this is a part of their auric blueprint. Many Indigos feel deeply called to teach or be activists in fields that affect the earth, the community, or spiritual well-being. The primary difference between young Indigos and adults are that many of the young ones seem to be coming into this world with a clearer sense of their missions in tact, and with more resources at this time that even two decades ago. As a result, their intuitive abilities tend to be more refined at a much earlier age.

Crystal Children have auras of pure white light, and when seen through spirit eyes look like angels come down to earth (Earth Angels--that’s another topic!). Many crystal children are extremely sensitive because they are vibrating at a rate of such white light that more earthbound concerns, decisions, and base needs may not make sense to them at all. They see situations first from a compassionate light-filled perspective and may struggle to make the decisions that would resonate as “smart” for the rest of the population.

Crystal Children often choose whatever life paths will most help them illustrate for others the importance of living from the virtue of love, the power of taking the high road, and the innate wisdom of choosing life and global eco-consciousness over materialistic survival patterns. While Indigo Children could be angry that we pollute the earth and take it as their personal missions to teach a new way of being, Crystal Children are busy building and living in the earth-friendly permaculture eco-domes so that others know where to go.

While Indigo Children are working in a lab to create earth-healthy fuels, or in spiritual centers teaching others how to clear out toxic energy patterns, Crystal Children are in society living the example of these future forward ways, and may be seen as either on the fringes, or embraced as a geniuses depending on how they are positioned in society.

There is another category of modern day child and that is the RAINBOW Children. These children are coming in with very high vibrational DNA patterns that are allowing them to make the social, emotional, physical and spiritual shifts in minutes that it has taken many of us lifetimes to master. They are here to permanently shift the vibrational patterns of the earth through the next generation in order to hold the anchor of light needed for the earth to keep growing healthfully for generations to come.

Rainbow children are a pleasure to be around and seem to constantly open our eyes to practical ways of introducing more love into our lives. They have strongly balanced auras radiating all colors, and often seem to attract lights, rainbows, and other high vibe phenomena.

Because of the energetically sensitive nature of these children, they are sometimes more sensitive to the harsh dictatorial vibrations of our past childrearing ways. Yelling at these children rings similar chords within their core being as abuse, even though they are not being abused by common standards of the definition.

These children are easier to reason with, but may take more time and energy, which means as parents it is even more important to develop self-care and nurturing routines that allow parents of these children to live and teach with grace. These children are also more likely to be medically diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, or other medical terms that are often used as labels when we see certain symptoms and lack clarity around exact cause. Regardless of diagnosis, if you are--or have--an Indigo/Crystal/Rainbow child, then Now is the time to recognize the deep calling you have made to earth stewardship.

Earth stewardship is not only about caring for the physical health of the planet--it begins by learning how to care for the human population that inhabits and often decimates it. It is time to wake up to your calling to heal life. You don’t have to use psychic abilities, or live as an activist in a tree! We all have unique ways that we express our healing, nurturing nature. There is a postal worker in my town who has, through simple acts of compassion and consciousness, literally altered the educational pathway of my son (who may be a Rainbow child). When we are engaged consciously in the work in front of us, we all awaken our innate potential for massive-scale instantaneous healing of ourselves and those around us.

These child designations are not meant to be used to hierarchically categorize or glorify ourselves and others. It could be easy to take on these designations as labels of privilege, claiming special powers or insights because we are Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, etc. However, if we do this, we lose sight of the greater mission and purpose behind the work, which is to educate and serve a growing community of people who can release the trappings of power-over types of privilege for a new paradigm of love, support, and creative co-thriving existence. At best, we might embrace these designations with healthy pride as a way of identifying our purpose for others, and attracting a like-minded group of individuals who can understand the challenges and gifts that may come with being Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow influenced. At best, we can use these designations to gather a community that can share wisdom about how our sensitive future children can lovingly be raised.

We all have great missions and epic adventures awaiting us. I have seen people go through phases of intense indigo awakening, or crystaline awareness, though perhaps they were not born Indigos or Crystal children. I have seen people who are combinations of these and others. There are root people who live deeply immersed in the elemental vibrations of sensory experience in order to anchor our shared human energy field in earth consciousness, and others who carry the gifts of unique vibrational essences specifically in the service of others. I hope you’ll take from this that, regardless of how your aura shines, you have a calling and must awaken to what it is.

Right now, we are creating the future. The little kids you see running around will shape the world you are living in, in another 10 or 20 years. Even those of us who have never been fond of children, or who have decided never to rear are own, are being called to recognize the profound importance of listening to, learning from, and co-existing with the children who walk among us. Break down any walls of emotional resistance or apathy, and learn how to love both your inner child, and the children on your neighborhood block!



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