Developing Psychic Intuition with Reiki

Sometimes people ask me if doing Reiki will make them a psychic ninja. Will Reiki open your intuitive senses? Will it allow you to have more magical dreams, or more control over the psychic abilities that are currently opening within you?

My personal experience has been that while Reiki initially did not give me the tools or skill set for truly understanding my psychic activities (like astral projection, bi-location, and ESP), Reiki did help clear out the "ick" in my energy channels, creating a stable foundation for my future explorations.  Additionally, the deeper I looked into the Reiki philosophy, the more answers I found that did actually explain why and how these things are possible.

Many people who have gone as far as the Reiki II attunement find that they are indeed more psychic. Reiki II really opens up the clairvoyance and deepening intuition for those who are ready. The more they work with Reiki energy, the more these centers within them open. However, the real gift (to me, at least) is the deepening self-knowledge. Reiki supports your unique journey on the path that only you can walk by aligning you more deeply within. The gift of Reiki is in helping you to become a better (fill in the blank!); A better human, a better teacher, a better psychic, a better healer, a better lover, a better light worker-- whatever it is you are drawn to do.

Whatever energy work or human work that you're doing in this life, I believe that Reiki can help. The Reiki attunements are a gift that refine your inner connection and help you connect with the joy of your journey.


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