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Morning Routine of A Priestess & Reiki Master

Updated: May 21, 2022

As a Priestess and Reiki Master I've learned over the years that tending my spiritual self is something that happens in each moment. When I was younger it began with a daily meditation practice. As I got older, I realized that every moment of my life is a living meditation. Having a practice, or set of rituals and routines that connect us to divine energy, eventually conditions us to recognize the divine in all things.

The world is a sacred place. Each morning, my morning routine helps me to connect into that vibe. I change it up fairly often, probably every 6-8 weeks because I'm a creative person and I love to trust what is there for me in the moment. However, I've found that there are certain things that don't change, and they create deeper strength in my spirit, and for the work that I do. Here's my routine:

6:00 AM - Wake up naturally. It took a while to get there. My morning begins the night before, with my last breath and thought. I tell myself what time I want to wake up, and then I do. When I'm not as connected, I set a really pretty alarm that sounds like singing bowls and birds in the morning. It goes off very gently, and will become louder until I wake up.

6:15 AM - Brush teeth, do my morning stretch routine, which draws from yoga, ariel silks, and ballet

6:30 AM - Call in Reiki. I do the light expanding breath I teach in Reiki 1, then lay hands on myself. Usually during this quiet time, I notice areas of my body and emotions where I need more tending. I may receive epiphanies as the energy clears. I may make notes of things that I don't want to forget. I generally focus on my vision for the day and my life, and on clearing any resistance, fear, or doubt that's coming up.

7:00 AM - Drink hot water with lemon & do morning prayers. This includes chanting, and then prayers with the goddess. I may charge my altar up with energy at this point, or if I'm going through a lot of personal things, I may spend further time to become centered. Sometimes prayers are short and I go for an extended run or nature hike. Other times I recognize during this time that I may need a longer, or deeper shamanic journey or channeling session. I usually plan things like that for later in the day. The morning time is about sharing my love with the Goddess Isis, pulling oracle cards, and listening deeply to what the work reveals.

7:30 AM - Breakfast, time with my kiddo, and household tending.

8:30 AM - Run, yoga, or sun gazing followed by a hot shower, and prep for work.

10:00 AM - Work Time! I enter my practice room and usually the first thing I do is turn on some healing music, light a candle, and send some Reiki love into my altar. I may tidy the room, go through administrative paperwork, meet with my assistant, return client inquiries, or do quiet energy work, or client sessions, depending on what day it is.

If I'm having a low-energy day, I may actually return to my fluffy bed in my home, and do administrative work, or write blogs, from my bed. I've always loved stories of the victorian writer Edith Wharton who'd write amazing books like the Age of Innocence from her big canopied bed, with her dogs at her feet.

I like to segment work as 3 hour blocks of time. It helps me track what I'm doing and what needs to be done. At the beginning of any work block, I always check my calendar/planner for what needs to be done. It helps me stay on track, especially when life is more demanding. I tend to work in "project" modes, with intentions to complete certain aspects of projects during my blocked out time.

12:00 NOON - In the Isian tradition, we sing a song at noon to recognize the midpoint of the day:

It is noon,

Let us celebrate the moon,

Let us celebrate the sun,

That shines on everyone.

It is noon,

Let us celebrate the day,

As we go along our way,

Let us celebrate the stars,

No matter where we are.

It is noon.

It is noon.

It is noon.

This lovely song was created by Lady Loreon Vignee, the founder and my initiating priestess mamma of the Temple of Isis (rip). Sometimes I sing at the true midpoint. At other times, it happens whenever I feel halfway through my day, which is usually later in the afternoon, after morning clients, lunch, and a checkin with my child. That may be around 1PM, or even 2PM. I sing it wherever I am, sometimes in my heart, but often out loud.

This is my morning! It's how I greet most days. On the weekends I pretty much do the same things, although the order and the times change. When I'm traveling, I usually skip running and yoga, and instead look for someplace natural and beautiful to take in the sites and commune with the earth as I pray and charge up for the day.


Photography from Unsplash. Maybe one day I'll replace them with photos from my life.

DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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