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Are You A Light Worker? What is a Light Worker?

Updated: May 21, 2022

A light worker is someone who works intentionally with energy to bring more love-consciousness into the world. Any one of us can take the title of Light worker. Are you a light worker?

Light workers don't ignore physical reality, or avoid uncomfortable, or shadowy places. By illuminating the darkest parts of our psyche--the taboos, the shame, the fear--we are able to integrate them back into consciousness with love. That's what a light worker does.

When people are first called to light work, they gravitate towards light: energy healing with a focus on light, angel, high-vibe sound healing frequencies, and light-filled spaces. Light workers may also choose to work with light in the form of earth medicine: plants, animals, earth magick. That's because light workers need to learn how to work with and wield light where there is none, and they need to learn to work with the medicine of this planet. . . because they are ultimately destined to work in the shadows on the earth or astral plane.

As people develop a light working consciousness, they begin to emanate natural light. You can see this in ancient depictions of spiritual beings, like Buddha, Jesus, Mary, Angels, etc.

When light workers reach a certain point of consciousness, they realize that the human experience is filled with both light and darkness, and they may choose to go into the deepest, shadowy places, both within, and on the planet, in order to emanate light and entrain with others in consciousness, love, and compassion. This is a conscious choice, made from a love of life and all that it offers.

This isn't about saving people, or about fulfilling karmic missions. Sometimes those urges come, but they are a natural flexion of ego, as humans in light work become more filled with light, causing ego triggers, and an ultimate shedding of ego. This isn't about ignoring pain or trauma in order to just be filled with light. That too is a misunderstanding of the laws of attraction, abundance, and allowing. We can't ignore parts of our human experience, and still hold full consciousness within our being. True light work helps to illuminate and heal with awareness & love.

Light workers channel light energy, emanate, and witness light as a means of learning how to work WITH the beautiful gifts of darkness, the unknown, and the raw power of yet-unmanifest creation that is here for us on the planet. This happens as you go to everyday jobs and live out your life.

Light workers might be school teachers, therapists, and musicians, but they can also be construction workers, data entry clerks, and boxers. That homeless person on the corner may be a light work. A military general may be a light worker. Being a light worker is something you cultivate and ARE, regardless of what role you appear to be playing in society. We have to release inner judgments and assumptions about what light workers look like, and who they may be.

While others suffer fear, shame or confusion, light workers use the light of consciousness and connection to heal that within themselves, and through extension, others. Understanding both light and shadow, we naturally elevate human consciousness through LOVE.

Issues like global warming, war, and disease, are perpetuated by unconscious acts on the part of everyday people. We each contribute to the whole. When you decide to be a light worker, you are choosing to become more conscious. Light bringers & light workers illuminate suffering and base human tendencies, with love. Through illumination, we are able to activate our greatest potentials.


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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