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A Reiki Layout For Times of Stressful Transition

I love Reiki!! Can you tell, or do I need more exclamation points? lol. Perhaps we should be more serious considering the topic of stressful transition, but in fact that's when you need to laugh the most! Osho has a wonderful simple meditation in which you pretend to laugh for five minutes. This will naturally bring up real laughter and release pleasure hormones that reduce stress. When I'm feel stressed out or down, this is a very hard thing to do, so if you're interested in something like that, I suggest you preload a favorite comedian clip or movie clip into your phone/computer so you can naturally make the shift.

For today I just wanted to share a few Reiki hand positions that I have found to be very helpful in times of transition. We may be feeling the following things which contribute to our angst:

* Lack of Confidence 

* Lack of Clarity

* Lack of Courage

* Overabundance of chemical stress

Do you notice how much LACK is going on? For exactly this reason, Reiki is a wonderful healing tool because it infuses your body with loving vibrations that are clinically proven to counteract stress, and it fills up your power centers with the vibration of Wholeness. In this way, it really doesn't matter where you lay hands because your whole body will benefit.

However, there are a few places you can lay on where you will feel immediately better. Here they are:

Position #1- Heart & Solar Plexus. Laying the dominant hand on the solar plexus (around the navel) and your other hand over the heart, helps encourage a gentle flow that will open the heart wihout being overwhelming, and connect that heart energy back into your will power center. By splitting hands, the energy can begin to break up blocks between both centers. As you lay on, imagine a loving light flowing between the heart and stomach.

Position #2- Temples. Place hands on your temples at each side of the head. There's a reason Edvard Munk's Scream was placing hands there! This stabilizes the spiritual flow of energy between your left and right brain centers, creating more integration and balance in how you are mentally processing your experience. Think of the temples as activating your "Inner Temple" of wellbeing.

Position #3- Throat. Many people feel sensitive about laying hands on the throat, but doing so will support spiritual energy as it move the lymph (which is critical to clearing toxins from the body) and it will also help unwind stress around expressing what you may need in your process.

Position #4 - Feet. When we're stressed our first thing is to forget about our feet in doing Reiki because we are not grounded, and it doesn't feel comfortable to get grounded when change is afoot. Who wants to ground in the middle of a hurricane?  Yet that's exactly what is needed. Lay hands for at least 10 minutes on knees (one hand on each knee). Then, reaching the feet, take time to also lay hands along the bottom of the foot. Imagine bright light opening up the energy centers in the bottom of the feet so that you can constantly release your stress right into the earth.

It helps to pair these exercises with mental affirmations geared specifically toward you. If you need ideas (or have!) for that, feel free to comment below, and maybe we can all share our wisdom around that!



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