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Who is in Charge of Your Emotional State?

Updated: May 21, 2022

When you are highly sensitive or empathic, the upset of others can feel like an earthquake in your life. You want to keep others happy at all costs because you acutely feel their disappointment, their anger, their stress, or their grief. In Reiki we learn that we’ve got to be in charge of our emotional state, not just twisting in the wind as a result of what others do, or how others feel.

Yes, sometimes things will be horrendous. Disasters happen. People disappoint. You will make mistakes as well. It is in these KEY moments that you’ve got to lean into your daily practice of mindfulness and meditation for strength.

In the quiet abode of your own being, you can identify what is truly important to you, and take the actions to manifest the fruits of those values in your life.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you have: toxic family members, psychopathic co-workers, or devious well-meaning toddlers. None of these are an excuse or a reason for your inner peace to be destroyed.

Build a palace out of your life, and determine to be the Sovereign of your domain. Peace, like resilience, is an inner state of being forged through time and dedication. Don’t give it away. Don’t forget your power to manifest and tend to it. Peace can grow in even the most unlikely of circumstances.

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