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The Sacredness of Emotions

Updated: May 20, 2022

We live in a society where we're often told that emotions make us less civilized somehow. It's not true! This is a way of thinking you've got to release if you hope to truly be happy.

As a child you're told to be "Seen and not heard." This shuts down your emotional expression.

As a teen you're told, "Chill out! You're making a big deal over nothing." While it's true that your younger years are hormonal and crazy, you're not making a big deal over nothing! It means something to you in that moment, and that is enough of a reason for your feelings to be looked at and cared for.

As an adult in the working world, if you really want that raise, or you really don't like how something is going down, you're told to "keep your cool!" The idea of course is that by showing how level headed you can be, your maturity will win you what you're seeking. Unfortunately, this same language is often used to encourage the suppression of greater truths and emotions.

As you age, if you act anywhere above or below an arbitrary norm, you are told you are crazy, depressed, unreasonable, dramatic, and all manner of terms used by people to create distance from your emotional process. If you choose to laugh too loud in a public place, or you have an outburst--even if warranted--you're "acting like child."

All together, these phrases we say to one another add up, creating a culture that negates and suppresses emotional well-being. Your emotions--ALL OF THEM-- are part of your body's system of survival. They are not outmoded, and they are not arbitrary!

While our society often celebrates mediocre feeling and glamorizes the occasional adrenaline rush of acting out, we tend to severely judge happiness. There are names for men and women who experience too much pleasure on the day to day, just as there are terms for people who appear to aggressive.

But anger shows us where our boundaries are being ignored and our power is leaking.

Sadness and grief show us where we have suffered loss and need healing around something.

Worry shows us where our boundaries, territory, and/or well-being are about to be breached.

Passion points the way to people, situations, and locations that are essential to our physical survival and/or spiritual evolution.

When you stay connected with how you feel, and you learn to act with discernment on those feelings, you have plugged into the most powerful internal safety unit on the planet.

In Reiki 1 we teach a form of mindfulness and healing around this because is is so important and foundational in the healing process. Even science has shown that connecting with feelings is essential to your health. How can we as society change our programming and language around this destructive negativity towards feeling?

If you have ideas, drop them below!



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