Reiki and Migraine Headaches

Reiki and Migraine Headaches

If you feel a headache or migraine coming on, place the palms of the hands over the temples and send Reiki. Incorporating the 2nd symbol(SHK) is particularly effective for this.  For small headaches, 5-20 minutes is often enough. You can also place hands intuitively over areas of the head that feel tight, or tense.

If the migraine was caused by overstimulation of the eyes, a good next step is placing the right hand over the eyes, and the left hand over the occipital lobe at the back of the head; this is where the visual processing occurs.

For the type of migraine that is already moving down into the rest of the body, I begin with the above and then lay hands at the back of the heart chakra. This helps release the emotional processes we may be hiding from ourselves. 

Lastly, sending reiki into the feet by laying hands on the tops and bottoms of the feet helps bring all of that energy that has pooled in the head, down towards the earth for release. This can help distribute flow, reducing the effects of the migraine.

My absolute favorite modality to incorporate with Reiki when I'm helping loved ones with migraines, is massage. I have found that incorporating a gentle massage of the spine and feet along with the Reiki can increase overall well-being. The Usual Suspects (dark room, water, cool rag, silence, rest), should also be incorporated.

There are many different reasons that people get migraines. If you experience frequent migraines and you don't know why, feel free to call me and we can discuss the emotional energetic ramifications and how to process them with Reiki. 

Do you have any recommendations for dealing with migraines? Any special tips? Please share your ideas in the comments below so we can all benefit!

(yes, you! Don't be shy! You may save someone's head! )


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