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New Moon In Capricorn: Moon Wisdom for 1/12

Updated: May 21, 2022

This month's NEW MOON is in CAPRICORN at 9:00PM PST. I'm sooo excited about this moon, y'all. We began this year still in the sleepy spell of the winter holiday season. Many of us took the turning of the year as a chance to reflect on 2020 and recover from some of the more stress-inducing aspects of its challenges. On the fresh wintery ground of 2021, it feels a little bit safer to drift, checking to see if all of our fingers and toes are still here, and whether we can still function. Even some of the funniest memes about 2020 didn't seem to match the surreal nature of life last year.

Now we're here. Now we're in 2021. We're in the Age of Aquarius. We may need a bit more rest. But now what?

This moon in Capricorn returns our powerhouse vibe to us. In this lunation, we'll have energy support from the cosmos around setting fresh intentions, not only for this month, but for the entire year. This week the planet Uranus also goes direct, so we can move out of illusory thinking in order to clearly see and feel our own truths. We will see where our truths line up with reality, and where things need some practical fixing. Yes 2020 is all about practical love, full speed ahead.

Be particularly conscious of how you're moving physically during this lunation. We haven't been full-direct for quite some time, so move with consciousness and care. Sometimes when we suddenly have more access to vital energy--or when the energy shifts and pivots quickly as it is doing this week--we can be thrown off balance. Let's keep injuries, falls, and accidents to a minimum; allow a buffer between your thoughts and actions, just a smudge. Temper yourself, in other words. This isn't the month for leaping off of cliffs. It is, however, the month for wading into the olympic swimming pool of your life, and planning out how you're going to do your laps in the most pleasurable and consistent way possible. Do you need friends in the pool? A timer? Or maybe some disco lights and no swimsuit? These are all of the things you get to decide, to make this year as seamless as possible. There are no sharks in the water, but you may find surprises, so your capricornian plan is your lifesaver.


This year has air elements all over it, which means it will be a particularly strong year for mental acuity and new thought. The over abundance of mental energy could also lead to closing your heart, and we don't want that. Because of this, you'll want to allow journal-thinking-writing time to process, but not to hide inside of thought as a means of escape from real life feelings and responsibilities.

For this moon, light white candle symbolizing the soon-returning light. Create a bubble of Reiki light to bless, heal, and protect yourself and your home. Then put on some music that gets you into an inspired vibe, and journal to get your thoughts clear. Here are 7 questions, patterned after the Chakras, to get you started in your reflective process:

* Do you feel you have a solid foundation in your life you can count on?

* Imagine yourself moving through the tasks of the year; How do you want to feel?

* What do you want to do this year?

* Who do you want to stay connected with?

* How will you express that love? How will you share what you do with the world?

* How will you set boundaries or create space to support that?

* What does your inner knowing tell you about this year?

* What role does God/Goddess/Divine nature have in your year?

Now stretch. Yes, stretch. If you do yoga, you can do a sequence. Otherwise, just take the time to be fully present with your body, and where it is storing wisdom. Spend anywhere from 20 second to 2 minutes in each position. Notice where you are tight, and be gentle with your body. As you stretch, reflect on your year coming. Give yourself this sacred time to get into the visionary space.

Remember, who you were last year, and how you approached life then, may not be the same way you do things now. What does the version of you in this moment want and need?

Part of what the Capricorn energy offers is the chance to form, plan, create, and manifest from your place of power. Reflect on your close relationships. What did you learn about yourself and your needs? How can you now create spaces and activities to really support your needs and truths? In some cases that may mean refraining from certain actions, or creating more intentional inaction.

Friend, you can trust yourself. When your root chakra has been challenged by survival or stability issues (which was 2020 in a nutshell), it's normal to feel that you may not even be able to trust yourself. That inner fear is a holdover from the body and ego adjusting to stress. So.... based on this self trust, let yourself be free to hold a vision and create. Once you hold the vision clearly, you can always figure out what resources and support you need to receive it. That is why you have friends, loved ones, and society in general. Together, we hold and uplift each other.

Once you are clear on your intentions, carve them into a fresh white candle using a toothpick. Now charge the candle with Reiki energy (if you're unsure of how to do this, you can take a Reiki class with me here). In your sacred space, light the candle, and dance in the vision of what you are creating.

You can burn the candle through if you'd like, or you can light this candle throughout the month to help hold space as you continue to work on your goals.

Be committed to the energy of where you want to go, and remember that the power has been with you all along, to co-create with the world.

Blessed New Moon!



DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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