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How To Know When You're Ready For the Next Reiki Level

Updated: May 21, 2022

In traditional Reiki, it's taught that there should be space between the Reiki level attunements. That's because your body, mind, and spirit undergo a change when you begin to learn Reiki. Energetically, your subtle body comes into deeper alignment, causing a shedding of old beliefs, stories, and muscle memory that doesn't serve you. How much you release energetically, and how that experience feels, is different from person to person. It may take a few months for your energy to settle and open to the next level.

I've sometimes had students ask me, "How do I know when I'm ready for the next level?" And my answer has changed multiple times over the years.


I used to say, "You're ready when you feel ready." However, I then began to notice that many students don't initially feel worthy of being energy healers. As a result, some of these students would wait a year or two, but as I spoke with them, I realized they were just afraid of taking the next class level and making a mess of it. I saw that their lives were craving the teachings of the next level, but their belief that they had to jump through hoops and do a bunch of practical 'things' to enter the next level, was preventing them from having the critical energy and healing they were seeking.

You are worthy of learning healing. You deserve to flow energy. It is your birthright to know how to heal yourself energetically.

As a result of witnessing students self-sabotage their own learning process. I began to tell students, "You can take the next level as early as the waiting period has ended."


This seemed to help melt away the idea that students needed to be 'perfect' to attend the next initiating level. I loved working this way for a few years, and supporting students who were coming into the different levels. They had a sense of openness and readiness to learn, and I could see the healing really having an effect.

Students who waited longer than a year for their next class said they felt disconnected from the mindset teachings of Reiki, though not the energy itself. This encouraged me to believe that long gaps in the teachings don't serve us, and taking Reiki just before you feel ready, is probably the wisest course.

The most successful students have taken Reiki classes or attended one of the free Reiki shares, at least once every 3 months, to stay in the flow of mindset and teachings. Other students have seemed afraid of doing Reiki because they felt it was 'too important' to do without forethought. Reiki is a beautiful energy that allows us to just come as we are. It isn't an audition, and you can't break it--or yourself--by learning it at a 'wrong' time. There isn't a wrong time.

The truth is, we are almost never ready for an energy initiation. Readiness is a construct our mind creates, to help us feel safe doing something we can't fathom. With regards to Reiki, there are very few circumstances that prevent readiness. Surprisingly, we can create readiness at any time, but making a commitment to our own learning and growth. The moment we do commit, it becomes clear what practical pieces we may need in order to move forward.


I used to say that "everyone should learn Reiki 1," and that the other levels were optional. However, as I myself deepened in teaching over another decade, I've come to see that each level offers unique tools in our process of healing. I now believe everyone should receive ALL levels, whether they intend to ultimately teach Reiki or not. All three levels complete the system. Once learned, they create a beautiful foundation for developing your own original thought and personal work within your healing, and in your own life.

Said another way, taking all Reiki levels creates a baseline for understanding and navigating energy, no matter what you choose to do in your future. It's worth it to complete the entire system in a timely format, in order to work with it in a knowledgeable way. If you take the system too quickly, your body doesn't fully absorb the energetic re-aligments. If you wait too long, you lose track of the teachings.


I have found it most effective for students to take Reiki 1, wait 3 months, Reiki 2, wait 9-12 months, and Reiki Master. Some students have been ready earlier than these times, but as a teacher I always check with spirit. It really depends on the student. If waiting feels appropriate, the maximum amount of time to wait, is ideally no more than one year between levels.

I truly believe that you can trust your way forward. These times are meant to be a guideline, not a hard rule. I love hearing peoples' personal Reiki stories and I often find that the Reiki heals our lives in unique ways. Sometimes we have to wait longer because it's just right. Sometimes we learn quickly. As a teacher, I always trust my intuition in guiding students to their next level.

Are you ready to take another Reiki Class? You can join me for some amazing mindset and energy healing online, and in person, so go now and check out our classes!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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