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How to Deal with "Bad" Days, Resistance, & Daily Practice

Not all days are created equal. Sometimes life just feels like a series of curve balls, and that's actually when we need our daily practice most. But how do you convince yourself to dive into self healing when every cell in your body wants to climb under a rock and disappear? How do you gather your energy to transform when you feel like things just keep happening--and you don't want to feel victimized, but you just do?

Well there are a ton of lovely tricks I like to employ, including:

🌺 SETTING TIMERS. Set a timer with a positive affirmation on your cell phone, so the encouraging message flashes during the day and helps lift your mindset. It can be something simple, like, "You can do it!" You can also set timers on your phone to go off in proximity to certain locations. For a long time, I set money affirmations to go off every time I passed by my bank. It was a lot of fun!

🌺FRIENDLY ACCOUNTABILITY. Ask a friend to call you on a specific day to ask how your practice is going. Or better yet, if you have spiritual friends, set a time together to do the work, and then check in by phone.

🌺USE YOUR TEACHERS. Seek support and guidance from teachers, healers, and coaches to work through life resistance or challenges to your practice. Remember, nobody expects you to understand all of these things and to do them on your own. It's okay to ask for support. Teamwork is how cities and countries were created, and how humans have evolved in life understanding.


Ultimately, the only way to overcome resistance in your practice and life is to simply keep engaging, one step at a time. I've definitely had days in which my health or my spirits felt really low. I've even been fairly certain that I had energy parasites clinging to me, and yet I didn't have the energy to sit up and run some healing energy. Remember the old western movies of childhood in which there were bold faceoffs beneath the noontime sun? That gritty, determined, unflinching decision to get up and make energy happen, is exactly what's needed in those deep, dire moments. Trick yourself into reaching for your daily practice. Or give yourself kind words and love. But get up and return to practice. Once you do, you'll have a little bit more clarity about what's really needed in your life. I've sometimes felt exhausted, and then after doing my daily practice I was able to affirm that rest was truly what I needed. I then took a nap, knowing I was truly serving my spirit.

Your character develops with each challenge you face. Cultivating a diamond-like state of life through spiritual practices is just as challenging as climbing Mt. Everest. Don't be deceived by the fact that your daily practice happens in your mundane, every day environment; it is the greatest challenge because you need to turn to it, even when you have no energy, and it's your practice that will restore you.

Yogananda says: " If you are afflicted with a chronic case of indifference, make up your mind at once to 'snap out of it.' Be merry--think of something amusing until you find yourself bubbling over with laughter. Exercise self-control: learn to substitute, at will, joy for sorrow, love for hate, courage for fear, open mindedness for prejudice."

It isn't always easy to make these adjustments, and that's why we have a daily practice. Your daily practice is the space where you essentially learn alchemy, the art of turning lead into gold, or turning base emotions into pure harmonies of delight.

Your practice doesn't have to be long. Each morning, even if only for 5 minutes, sit and notice where you're at emotionally. Reiki meditation can show you how to dive into your emotional landscape. Where you're angry, invite reflection to create better boundaries & more integrity. Where you're worried or sad, address the root of the issue to feel more light and carefree.

Your daily practice is yours, and you can choose each day how rigorous, relaxing, nurturing, or focused it is. Remember-- we call it a practice because we are always learning; practice is how we hone our skills of discernment for more conscious creating in our daily life. Read on for a quick way to reset your energy...


Inhale right where you're at, sweeping your hands up above your head. As you exhale, lower your hands, and imagine that you are clearing all ghosts, unproductive thoughts, and stagnant energy out of your aura and to the earth.

Repeat this again, with long breaths, calling your energy back into your centerline as you raise your hands to touch above your head, and then clearing your energy field as you lower your hands.

Repeat one last time, inhaling as you raise your arms, and then as you exhale, say out loud, "I release_______" and pour whatever you're releasing into the earth.

Finally, Raise your hands up, to the sky with your palms open as if you are funneling all of the love and blessings of the world down into your crown, head and body. Stay in this position for 30 seconds. As you do, say out loud, "I am now becoming_________." (strong, joyful, clear, whatever you'd like to become.)

Feel free to improvise or add to this script. As you stand in this power pose, let your body feel confidence and hope for your coming day. Now go make that amazing life happen!


I've noticed in teaching Reiki over the years that beginning students often believe their practice is supposed to get more complex over time. In fact, daily practice does not follow a linear path. Because it is primarily metaphysical, happening on an astral plane, or in your mind, your practice may go through times of complexity, and other times of simplicity. Like waves of an ocean, you may find that you're closer to source and more 'in the flow' at different points in your life.

If you notice that a quick reset doesn't make much difference to kickstarting your energy, or if you're having trouble finding that place of connection through your practice, then turn to your teachers, friends, and guides for clarity about what may need to shift.

Here at Healing Heart Reiki, I've seen that taking Reiki classes is a wonderful way to jumpstart the energy of your practice. Consider taking your next level, or even re-taking a level class that had themes you'd like to more deeply explore (remember prior students get a 50% discount on re-takes of their class, and of course always have the most updated class resources forever available in their member portal).

If you'd like a deeper discussion with me about your daily practice please reach out! Ask me anything. I'm here to serve! ❤️



Dailey Little, RMT


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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