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Full Moon in Leo ~ February 2022 Full Moon

Updated: May 21, 2022

*If you're in my newsletter list, you've already had a taste of this message, but I've gone into a bit more of the vibe here...

The MOON IS FULL IN LEO this morning at 8:46AM PST. I love the energy and passion that Leo Moons bring. This week, the work will be in grounding your feelings & thoughts, and keeping yourself from becoming so distracted by momentary emotions that you lose sight of the long game. Just like electricity needs grounding, and like high voltage plugs have 3 prongs (because one is for "grounding" the excess energy), humans also run an electrical current.

Did you know that in our resting state, we have enough electricity to power a light bulb? In energy healing, when we talk about grounding feelings and thoughts, we're really talking about making sure we are fully plugged into the earth. This year humanity is still adjusting to the high vibration of the age of Aquarius. We're running a lot of "thinking" energy as we try to sort heavy emotional themes of the past hundred years, which means our synapses are firing up an electrical storm. Now, imagine pairing that mental electricity with the fire of Leo. Haha, talk about a firestorm! Can you see why grounding becomes incredibly important? When we spend time calming our mind through meditation, or resting with our bare feet on earth, we naturally ground that energy.

My favorite way to ground is to go the ocean. When I resting in the sand and listen to waves wash through my thoughts, I always leave with the perfect balance of inspiration and peace. What is your short list for grounding?

The Power of Breath Work

This week, add breath work to your regular daily meditation practice. Breath work can help balance out that airy Age of Aquarius energy. You don't have to know much to do breath work in its most basic form. It can be as simple as breathing in for counts of 4, and then exhaling and releasing for that same duration. This will help steady and grow your vital energy without overwhelm or burnout. If you need more instruction, message me and I'll send you some links to play with from my YT page.

Create The New Paradigm by Doing New Things

This moon ushers in a magical few weeks to re-pattern all of those old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you by simply choosing to do something new! When balanced, the fire of the Leo Moon may show up as determination, focus, and voracious living. Connect with your big inner dreams and let them take center stage in your creations. Out with the old ways, and in with the new. What will YOU create?

Old wounds may still be there, but as we move forward into February and then into spring, the themes are shifting. It's time to learn how to focus your energies on all that's possible in your life. If you're struggling with huge shadows--for example, partnerships that need to be released, abuse dynamics, toxic work or home environments, addictions, or low self esteem--they are real situations that likely aren't going to disappear overnight. I'm not saying to ignore them (that never works). However, part of your healing and overall success will come about as you learn to create new, joyful healthy patterns. When you focus on the positive ideal, and create small moments in your life infused with alignment and joy, you are actually entraining your body and life into a harmonic state. This makes it easier to face your deep shadows!

The start of this month hit us all with several powerfully charged days. The Chinese New Year, several astrological shifts, and a few holidays packed into a two week span have created several spikes of energy that can help disperse old patterns and energies if you lean into celebration. Now that the latter half of February is about to settle into the new year's energy, give yourself memorable moments of peace and love to stabilize your dreams.

Tonight... Create a sacred space for yourself with luminous evening light as your witness--and don't forget to dance beneath the moon!




DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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