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December 2021 Events At Healing Heart Reiki

Updated: May 21, 2022

We've made it to the final month of the year, and although our society has taught us to ramp up our energy system with lots of shopping and last minute errands, this is really the time to nurture our energy systems with love, family, healing, and peace. HOW do you do that in a busy December holiday?

Begin with the simple things; you may not be able to cancel the slew of work projects, school events, or personal errands you need to complete, but you can build in small moments of nourishment to help stabilize you.

Drink extra water each day to stay hydrated in this dry season. It will help your body process stress, and help you shed some of that sluggishness from holiday desserts.

Also schedule quiet moments of rest into your calendar, right alongside everything else. When you actually write constructive rest into your calendar and designate time, it becomes a lot easier to follow through. All you need is 10-20 minutes, a few times each week. These windows help your body integrate stimulation and function better through busy, emotionally layered holidays.

If you need more support getting in that feel-good rest, check out some of our events this month!


❤️ Reiki SHARE (12/4 Via Zoom) - always on the 1st Saturday, become confident in your healing skills with a light-clearing meditation followed by hands-on healing in a group format.

❤️ Reiki 1 Training (12/5 & 12/12 Online) - learn the basics of meditation, clearing negative mindset, and healing yourself and others in this beginning level Reiki class. You will leave as a certified Reiki 1, and beautiful healing.

❤️ December Virtual Office Hours (12/13) - available on zoom for past and present students, drop in to ask Dailey your questions and get support for staying on track with healing goals. Check your member portal class for details. Or send me a message.

❤️ Live Healing Activation (12/16) - happening every 3rd Thursday in our facebook group, join us for a FREE healing activation!

❤️ Winter Solstice (12/21) - a sacred holiday that celebrates the longest night of the year, after which the light begins to return. This is a good day to really celebrate the Winter Season with earth-based activities. Take a walk, gather branches to make a bouquet, or engage with the outdoors.

I've been itching to do a few other things, so keep an eye out for pop-up events this month!

To Check out these classes and more, take a look at our CLASSES page!

blessings, Dailey


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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