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"30 DAYS OF HAPPINESS: A 4-week Healing Journey"


It’s hard to hold a healing space for others when you’re exhausted, hurting, or overwhelmed by the madness of the world around you. It’s a real challenge to show up for family members and friends, to be the best you can be, when there’s a need within you crying out for healing and attention. During those times, it feels like there isn’t enough time to get things done, and the dreams you want to attain feel far away. Buddhism talks about four inescapable noble truths: being born, getting old, illness, and ultimately dying. It may sound dire, but the whole purpose of acknowledging these truths is to realize that we CAN decide to create happiness. We can choose how we live this life! We can absolutely create a life that is soul-nourishing and peaceful, and Reiki is a method developed expressly for that cause.


When Mikao Usui developed “Reiki” in the early 1900s, he called it his “Method for Inviting Happiness.” From the very start, he wanted it to be for the world.

With the help of his students, Reiki evolved into a form of healing that includes laying-on-of-hands as well as a series of energy-healing meditations and exercises. These were created to: Release worry, clear anger and resentment, heal our psychic-intuitive boundaries, and replenish our system every day.


Today as a life & business coach, and as a priestess I still run a lot of healing energy with all of my clients, no matter what they come to me for. But I’ve seen that in the past three years, as the pandemic has just become life, so many people are still deeply impacted by isolation and mortal fear. Everyday ailments are now having greater consequences in our body systems due to our toxic environment. People are craving touch, connection, and relief MORE NOW THAN EVER.

People are craving touch, connection, and relief MORE NOW THAN EVER.

That’s why I continue to teach energy healing, and to incorporate it into everything I do. Although going to a practitioner to receive healing feels really amazing, we all need the skills to heal ourselves and others.

I was planning my upcoming Reiki training when I thought to myself, “What we all really need is a reminder of the magic of life! There’s so much good! We need to reconnect with the good as much as possible in order to reset our energy post-pandemic.” So…. I decided to make a few changes to my regular Reiki Training...


SO . . . This month, I’m hosting an adventure instead. Your adventure into your life!

Join me for, “30 DAYS OF HEALING!” Reiki Training with a little bit of goddess magic sprinkled in, this 4 week course is a warm and shining light in winter.

30 DAYS OF HEALING is a magical class that includes teachings for Reiki level 1, with a strong emphasis on psychic boundaries, connecting to your core desires, and building nourishment into your daily life as we head into the winter season. During these 30 days, you’ll receive all of the basics of Reiki 1 Training, including how to heal yourself and others in your life, so you can be a certified Reiki practitioner. You’ll also develop your daily personal practice, and enjoy a sacred space to reflect on what you’ve been manifesting in your life, and space to make new, energetically aligned decisions, with the support of Reiki flow. You'll leave well rested, and with Reiki Practitioner Certification. I’m REALLY looking forward to hosting this 30 day adventure. I see how much we all need healing, and I’ve always believed that WE are the ones who change the future. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. And the time is now. But we get to change things with LOVE. PRESENCE. KINDNESS. STILLNESS. CURIOSITY. LAUGHTER. Here’s how it works:

💕 ZOOM CLASS DATES: The class opens Sunday November 20th @ 10AM PST, with a live zoom training. Our portal for healing and support will last for 30 days, closing out with another live zoom on Sunday December 18th. 💕 REIKI TRAINING MODULES: A Reiki Training module opens in your Member Portal each Monday, over 4 weeks, so you can learn about Reiki at your own pace, and in your own time. The modules include the mindset of healing, channeling, and self care. 💕 FACEBOOK GROUP: Our sweet joyful intimate group is anchored online in a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and engage with me directly around the material. I’ll share inspirational tidbits, quotes, healing transmissions, or meditations through facebook lives as this unique group needs throughout our 30 day adventure. 💕 EASY FLOW: You get to choose how much you would like to witness or interact. Active or restful, it is your space to engage, heal, be held, and grow this winter. The nice thing about an online group, is that it can be a reflective space where you realign before engaging once again in your daily life. 💕 CEREMONY & MEDITATION: This format allows me to color outside of the lines, and to weave goddess mysteries and practical magic into the month, in creative ways for our sacred circle. Reiki will power us up as we connect with what is most important to us during this holiday season. We’ll gather for a powerful closing ceremony on zoom, on December 18th, just in time for you to meet the Winter Solstice with quiet confidence and love.


If you’d love to deepen the healing vibe in your life, and engage with like minded new friends to see your way through the season, please join me for 30 DAYS OF HEALING. All zooms will be recorded for you if you can’t attend live. All training materials are yours to keep forever. The Reiki 1 Training will allow you to heal yourself and others if you choose. You WILL receive certification and attunements.

***Prior alumni receive 50% discount if they join (ask me for your special payment link).


❤️ You’re an energy healer OR you are an interested newbie who would like a place to deepen their practice of the healing craft. ❤️ You want to be an independent thinker, and create a lifestyle that reflects your deeper desires and vision. ❤️ You feel a call to make an impact in the world, but you’d also like to address your own personal healing so you can show up in your life with confidence and authenticity. ❤️ You believe in manifesting and are ready to have some manifesting fun in the life you are creating! ✨ This is NOT for you if . . . You don’t have time to put aside 15 minutes for energy work or mindfulness each day, and 1 hour for the training videos each week. Everything else is optional, but if you can’t do these it’s better to wait.


If you’d love to be in a special group where healing, Reiki, magic, manifesting, and love are the name of the game… Where you’re energetically supported in manifesting your amazing fantabulous life right now. . . Then send me a message HERE at my Contact Page, with “REIKI MAGIC” in your message. We can hop on a call and see if this is what you need for your next step!

I'd love to speak with you!




DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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