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The Beauty of Beginnings & Egyptian Zep Tepi

Updated: Mar 3

There is excitement in beginning something for the first time. This month has been filled with beginnings for me. One of them was our first free Reiki Clinic of the year, which felt amazing! Have you ever held hands in circle of Reiki healers specifically to run healing energy? We did, and I still feel the buzz weeks later.

In ancient Egypt there is a concept called "Zep Tepi," which means the "first time." It refers to the beginning of creation in Egyptian myth, when spirit first rose out of primordial space to take form as a god, and later humans.

For me, life often feels like a series of "zep tepis" the first time I spoke, walked, danced, kissed someone I loved. . . .the first time I had a baby, listened to my heart, forgave something I'd previously thought of as "unforgivable" . . .  All of these are engraved in my spirit, marks on the path of my human journey. Sometimes those first times can be bittersweet, or even difficult, but they mark indelible change.

An old friend once told me that the real key to the Zep Tepi story is understanding that every single moment of our lives is a First Time. Every breath we take is a moment for beginning anew, for reaching our dreams, for keeping our difficult promises, and for choosing love. 

For me, running Reiki energy is a reminder that we can all choose healing and joy over victimization or suffering.  We can transform our most challenging experiences into sources for victory and deep peace. 

So for today, I choose to see each moment as a beginning, a chance for renewal and triumph. 

Happy Healing!


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