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Goddess Isis

Updated: May 21, 2022

When I was young (13, I think) the goddess Isis came to me in a vision.  She told me she would be there for me no matter what. I didn’t know who this goddess was or why it mattered. Over the years she showed up and unlikely places and sent me many dreams about magic, Egyptian gods, and wisdom. Often, I had never heard of these places, but I would wake up and do research based on my dreams, and my mind would be blown. Usually, these otherwise archaic and abstract teachings were directly relevant to issues I was facing within myself, in my daily life.

Isis is a goddess that calls us into our personal power, asking us to love and trust what is within ourselves so that we can better contribute to the world on a human level. She is the great mother, the safe harbor for lost souls, sailors adrift at sea, and wanderers...for she has compassion and love for all beings, reminding us that we can not cast people away like they are disposable; We must learn to understand our world connection as humans. No human is disposable.

Isis is also the goddess that makes Kings. It was said that no pharaoh could be a Pharaoh without the blessings of Isis and the acknowledgment of her priestesses. Today, Isis is asking all of us, every single one of us, to remember that we are royal within. We are sovereign beings. Her consciousness and her messages have become more prevalent as the balance in our human realm destabilizes, affecting the health of the planet.

Often called the goddess of 10,000 names, for her multifaceted aspects and incredible life wisdom and power that led to her being called wiser and older, or “more August” than all other gods, Isis is the cosmic mother. Although as an avatar on earth she taught humanity skills, She is ultimately the black mother, the womb of outer space, and the void that has birthed all of us. Her stories are a sacred blueprint for how we can fully activate our potentials in this human body on earth.

I am so happy that Isis called out to me when I was young, and I learned so much through the unique wisdom that comes through the veils of the goddess, and the divine feminine. I’m happy to call myself Her Priestess and to do her work. And all of my private session work, she’s always there, showing me things I otherwise would not understand, and leading me into deep empathy so that I can serve with a balanced, open heart.

Blessed be the Goddess! ❤️



DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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