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Should You Get Your First Healing Office?

Updated: May 21, 2022

When do you know you're ready for your first healing space? It's a big question, and there are so many approaches to getting your space to build your healing practice. When I invested in my first healing space, I had no clients, and was uncertain as to whether I even wanted to to energy healing as a long term, or full time "thing." That said, I'd been in business before, and that helped me get clear about some basics before renting my first space. Here are 3 considerations before getting your healing space:

1. Can You Afford It?

If you're looking at renting space for your business, ask yourself, "Is this a rent I can afford to pay for a minimum commitment of a year?" You will need at least that amount of time to see whether your initial business vision is solid. If you don't have a vision, you may need that space and time to develop one.

Some people only rise when exposed to high stress or pressure, and others thrive when they have safe, clear parameters for growth. Most of us may fall in the spectrum between, and it's important to know what motivates you. Even if you don't have the money for rent, if you're someone who has a proven track record in the past of investing and then rising up no matter what, it won't be an issue.

That said, I believe it's really important to put some thought into it and have a practical plan for how you intend to pay rent each month. If this is your first time in healing business, you may be on a learning curve, and it will take time to implement your vision, so you don't want to hedge bets against that and create stress.

I rented my first space for a very low cost, which allowed me to stay in a creative space rather than being in survival. I also chose a space that felt really good to me. I didn't compromise my vision due to cost. Hold out if you need to, in order to be in a space that really lights you up.

It does sometimes happen that a space is just financially out of reach, but it's perfect. In those cases, challenge yourself to raise your vibration, and create solutions that allow the space to both feel and be within reach. This may mean negotiating the price, clearing hidden lease costs, subleasing, or expanding your vision to allow more abundance. If it still feels like a stretch and it doesn't feel quite right, then move on, knowing that you can receive a space that's truly perfect for you in every way.

2. Do You Love It?

As mentioned above, it's important to love your space. With energy healing perhaps even more than other careers, part of your job is to be sensitive and aware of how energy is gathering and moving in any given space. Your healing office will become a sanctuary for you. It doesn't have to have any specific aesthetic, but you do want it to be clean, healthy, and easy to air out.

Ideally, you want to love your space. When you sign a rental agreement, that's a spiritual contract with the energy of a place, just as much as it's a legal one. Remember that you are worthy of a safe, inspired space to work in. Let your spirit lead you into the right situations, and only say 'yes' to your office, if it truly feels like a space you want to be in, all of the time.

I've done Reiki and energy healing in private offices, home offices, corporate spaces, at the park, on retreat, in fairs, and just about anywhere you can imagine. Going into each situation, I've always looked for the best spot that lights me up, and allows me to have the most enjoyment.

Situations where I compromised my inner aesthetic, or didn't listen to my inner wisdom, often resulted in my needing to exert more will and force to get my needs met. As you consider a space, ask yourself whether you like the vibe with the landlord; whether the outer environment fits you; and whether or not you'd come to that place to receive healing with someone, if the roles were reversed.

3. Can You Fill It?

You don't need an office to do Reiki, but offices are a lot of fun. I've loved that offices have given me space to truly grow my vision, whether or not I've been actively seeing clients from within them.

An office is meant to be filled. It's a vessel for the energy of your business. Before you get an office, ask yourself whether you are willing to make a commitment to your vision. Can you imagine the amazing things happening the space? Can you see yourself growing?

If you can't, then it may not be the right space. Every space has its own energy. Every space has benefits that are natural to the space. You can't turn a summer slipper into a winter boot. Likewise, as you are considering your space, ask yourself whether it really fits for your immediate 1 year vision, and whether it is the right space to grow in.


There are certainly other things to consider when getting your first office space.

You want to make sure you can easily get in and out during your intended hours of use. If there's a building alarm, or security, ask how it works. Find out what bathroom, kitchen services, or shared building spaces look like. Ask about how the outside of the building is maintained, as this will reflect on your business. In terms of promotion, find out whether you are allowed to have a sign, or post for special events.

I once looked at a space to lease downtown. It had a lot of potential and was the perfect size, but it would have required me to go through another business to access the bathroom. If that business was closed, I wouldn't have bathroom access. Additionally, there were large restaurant trash bins that would block the main entry to the space once a week. That didn't work with my vision.

Read your lease carefully. Make sure you understand your recourse if you're late on rent, if things break down, if your building sells, and if you want to sublease. Don't be shy about getting a full vision for the next 5 years. Business works best with clear expectations and boundaries, so you want to be able to talk transparently to the person you're leasing from--even if you ultimately never see them again. Let them know you'll be doing Reiki or energy work. Check with your local city or county ordinance to make sure you have the necessary licensure as a business in a business-zoned space. Your city website will likely have a phone number or links to helpful people for these details. Or you can check with your local business peer organization.

Test social basics like your wifi or phone signal before you sign on the dotted line. If your business includes a lot of web-based work, you don't want to rent it, only to find out a month later that the building has a shared system that hasn't been wired for high speed internet, and there's an online business up the hall that's taking all of the bandwidth. That may sound a little silly in this day and age, but many professional buildings are old, especially in larger cities. How they have developed with technology is often largely the result of whether a tech-based business was running from within.

Your first office can be a wonderful adventure. You may stay there for a long time, or it may teach you what you need to know in order to find a better fit. Remember, business grows organically, more in spirals than in straight lines. If you feel inspired to take your business into a space and hang your sign, then enjoy every moment of the process!


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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