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Samhain, the Celtic Witches’ New Year

Today is the traditional cross quarter of the solar holiday of SAMHAIN, or Mid-Fall. While traditionally celebrated around October 31st in various cultures as Halloween, Hallowmas, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, Dia De Los Muertos, and Sukkoth amo

ng others, the actual cross quarter for midfall usually falls somewhere between today and November 7th. We are at the halfway mark to the darkest night of the year.

This is a good time to take stock of what emotions, physical life burdens, or intellectual processes you are still carrying that are no longer of use to you, and to surrender the last of these hangers-on so that you can sail into the winter with new levels of peace and joy in your life.

I love to celebrate today as Samhain, the Celtic Witch’s New Year. It took me over two decades to understand why this is such a poignant time, and why it should be considered a new year at all. In truth, witches are the wise women and men who willingly walk into the shadows in order to heal the collective soul wounds of humanity.

Witches work in the base vibrations of the earth, bringing plant medicines from the forest or the garden to heal the sick in community.

Witches aren’t afraid of demons, ghosts, or other discarnate energies because they learn the language necessary to speak with them, communicating either healing, or reweaving these energies back into their earth plan with a truly belong… Returning them to source.

The witch understands that everything is connected and part of life. The witch understands that the earth the wheel of the year, the passage of the sun, moon and stars, and the adventures of gods & goddesses are all alive withIn us in every moment.

Some witches are Christian. 🎚🎅

Some are Buddhist.📿 🧘🏽‍♂️

Others don’t believe in human-forged religion. These witches recognize that the Earth IS our religion; our temple; the rhythms of our planet are the conscious God/goddess of our heart.

The witch is born through strife and comes as a blessing to communities and tribes that need to heal. When the healing is already high and the community is healthy, people realize that WE ARE ALL witches, that we all are connected to the source. We all Flow the energy from the spirit of love.

Society has feared witches because we wield power. At times when unfortunately religion has been used to suppress the masses, the power that witches held proved dangerous to the consolidated power of religious zealots and governing officials, and so witches have been burned, hung, and stoned. In various parts of the world today, that is still happening.

So at this time of year, as the land grows colder and darker, we celebrate the wisdom that the witches bring. We remember how to drop in to the earth, sitting by our fires. We celebrate the wisdom that the witches bring. We weave and dream up the healthy future. We enjoy warm apple cider to remind us of the summery orchards and sunshine. We willingly drop in to our deeper thoughts.

We take long hot baths to chase out the chill, and let the darkness hold us as we remember that we have fire in us. We rest & heal our human aspect so that, in the spring, we can rise and shine for all of our loved ones and our community around us.

On Samhain, We try our hand at prophecy, oracles, tarot, We call our Magickal Reiki-shaman-lightworker-angel-wise ones-loved ones on the phone, offer blessings, and remember that...

... no matter how dark things get, we are never, never, never alone.


Blessed Samhain!


PS: Dear friends, share your blessings below, and with your magical loved ones today, any way you can! ✨💛✨

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