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Reiki Masters & Light Workers in Leadership: Alumni Rise!

People need peer groups for support, accountability, and advancement. This is why universities have developed alumni programs. Alumni programs help students connect with real-world opportunities that might otherwise be out of reach. They keep alumni connected to the newest ideas in their area of study (in this case Reiki & Energy Healing) so they can continue to evolve their mindset. Regular alumni interactions offer confidence and pride, as well as a sense of connection to something greater. I want all of this for all of my Reiki Master Alumni. I want to strengthen our offerings here at Healing Heart Reiki for Alumni!

Many HHR Master students have gone on to create amazing things in the world of Reiki. I don't claim that's all a result of their classes here, but I absolutely know we contributed to who they are becoming. Past students have:

  • Written and published books

  • Started online business

  • Created healing practices

  • Cleared out unhealthy relationships

  • Found their "purpose"

  • Developed non-profits

  • Received further education in what they truly love

  • Become more at peace

This is of course in addition to the profound healing of Reiki itself.

Despite these successes, it's also human nature to feel that we're not doing enough, or that we have somehow not "made it." Strong peer relationships allow us to heal that insecurity, fear, and illusion, by being witnessed in our struggle, and in our success. Together, we encourage each other to blossom even more.

I have always wanted Healing Heart Reiki students to ultimately have:

❤️ Solid grasp of Reiki material & Mindset

❤️ High standards in healing

❤️ Thoughtful ethics

❤️ Quiet but solid leadership (or also loud leadership, haha!)

❤️ Graceful grounding

❤️ Self Care habits

I'm happy to say that most alumni do have these, but we're always learning and growing. I myself have gone up and down on the scale of how well I demonstrate all of the above in my life as an energy healer. However, feeling clear about these values, I continue to strive. I want our HHR Alumni space to be a space where as alumni, you can also continue to cultivate your own values in healing & be witnessed in your striving.

Last Wednesday, Healing Heart Reiki Masters met on zoom to talk about what a truly supportive alumni space would look like for HHR. This was the beginning of a greater discussion. We did a round of introductions, much like any other networking mixer, and we did a form of "reiki speed-dating" to get to know each other as people.

No, it wasn't "Dating" with the capital D. And yes, there was a prompt so it wasn't terrifying. But alumni had a chance to share with the group and then connect for a few minutes, one-on-one to discover sparks and brainstorm around alumni resources. I look forward to continuing this conversation.

As Healing Heart Reiki greets 2021, we are offering the following for Alumni to connect, learn, and grow:

  • 4 Alumni Networking Roundtables: Just as we had a zoom meeting this past Wednesday, we'll be meeting 4 more times this year to connect as alumni, share, network, witness, and have fun. The format may continue to change. See the classes listing for those dates as they arise.

  • Online Reiki Master Training Resources: If you took Reiki Master training with me, regardless of the year, you can create a login on this website, and I will add your permissions in the member portal so that you can log in and watch videos, listen to audios, or receive other supportive and free trainings around your Reiki Master experience. Yes, this is ALL for you.

  • Spotlights: One of the wonderful ideas that came from this week's meeting was the idea of spotlights! I'll be interviewing, or we will be hosting Q&A spotlights with different Reiki Masters around specialty topics so alumni and students alike can get a sense of the Reiki Life and how diverse that looks.

  • Mentorship & Alumni Healing Trades: Another great suggestion from this last Wednesday! Come to the Alumni roundtables to network and see if anyone would like to trade healing, or have mentoring conversations.

If energy work is to become truly mainstream and accepted as it once was among all people, we need to celebrate and embrace it publicly. Energy healers need the confidence to stand by the work they do, the ongoing training to do it well, and we need to practice talking about it. It can be hard to do this in a society that elevates scientific proof over everything, but we were born at this time to help return the world understanding that spirit and (scientific) matter are equally of importance.

Alumni, please join me in the roundtables, and let us learn from one another. No matter what you are doing (or not doing) with energy healing, whether you're in business, or primarily run Reiki on family, or you have become disconnected from Reiki and long for it again-- no matter what, you belong here.


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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