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Reiki for Spiritual Support at the Hospital

This week my young son fell ill while we were in San Francisco and there was an interpretative question in the medical office about our insurance policy. I knew that ultimately whether my son would receive medical the care he needed would be based on the whim of the doctor.

It doesn't matter that I am psychic, a masterful magician, and pretty smart; as a fiercely protective mother, I felt fear for my son, and my own helplessness in the situation. I knew my son's pain was a natural course.

Sometimes there is illness we can't "Reiki away." Sometimes as humans our bodies must go through certain experiences. What was truly the best thing? What could I do other than wait?

At that moment, looking out at the busy street below and listening to the agonizing cries of my son as we waited, I remembered the gift of Reiki.

I used the third symbol to open a Reiki portal above the medical building. Using my hands and my intention, I welcomed Reiki down first through me to clear my fear, praying silently:

May I please connect with universal life force, and in doing so, remember that all things happen in perfect harmony. Let me see the beauty of the outcome no matter what it is, and be assured that all happens in Love.

As I welcomed the Reiki through me, holding this internal prayer, I felt a calmness spread throughout my body. In that moment I remembered that as mama, I really set the tone for my son's sense of well-being and happiness no matter the circumstances.

Feeling my own peace and strength, I suddenly had more clarity and was able to focus on the things I could do, rather than worrying about the things I couldn't control.

I next welcomed Reiki down in a large swath of light, envisioning it melding with everything in the building.

In my third eye I could see the doctors and administrators talking about us. I purposely let go of my psychic cognition, choosing instead to hold the neutral energy of Reiki. In not forcing my own agenda, I was able to open myself up to the best outcome.

Seeing the light flow everywhere, including into the fields of other patients in the ward, I prayed silently:

May this facility receive the blessings of Reiki life force energy. May Reiki bless all of those in need of it who give their permission on a soul level to receive Reiki. May Reiki transmute all ego, fear, and fatigue in this medical building that is not in alignment with the highest good, so that all beings benefit in alignment with their life purposes and contracts. May the gift of Reiki (universal life force energy) cleanse and balance all within, for the highest good of all.

In that moment I felt the Reiki working, much as I do in the Reiki Shares. In my inner eye, I could see people who chose not to receive, as well as Reiki being absorbed by those who did.

More importantly, I felt a shift in the environment around me, a lightness of being. I felt old vibrations of illness in the space also being released.

There are, of course, ethical questions about Reiki-ing a whole medical facility. Who am I to do so? It's like a millionaire choosing to throw a million dollars on a crowd; does it help, or does it create more chaos?

The ethical questions are ones we must always ask ourselves and dialogue about. What is in our highest good? Where do ego, intention, and love intersect?

Meanwhile, things resolved well for my son that day. The staff actually went above and beyond, not only with us, but there was more connection and heart-sharing happening between co-workers than I've ever seen at that particular place. I left with my son feeling blessed, and also feeling a renewed appreciation for how Reiki, as an energy, lends itself to support in all manner of ways.

Here are a few tips I compiled:


❤️ (1) Use the third symbol to open a portal that welcomes Reiki into a space, not just into the physical body. (3rd Symbol is taught at Reiki II)

❤️ (2) Welcome Reiki into your centerline and chakras, and especially into the auric space around the head, in order to clear and open receptors to your spiritual authority.

❤️ (3)Combine Reiki with prayer and affirmations in order to shift mindset, moving away from fear-based decisions and moving more deeply into your heart center.

For more, sign up for a Reiki Class with me and begin working actively with the energy!



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