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Places of Power

Updated: May 21, 2022

Places of power nourish us. You know you are in a place of power when your body feels nourished and rejuvenated. In places of power, you might even feel a faint buzzing in your bones or beneath your skin.

You’ll notice that if you resonate with a place of power, the animals, small birds, and insects may be attracted to you in a very harmonious way.

Some places of power have developed due to events that have happened on the land. Large scale wars, celebrations, consecration through religious or spiritual tradition, and highly focused conscious intention can all create places of power. Old churches and sacred burial grounds were often developed in places of natural power.

There are natural ley lines in the earth. These are magnetic lines, and also natural lines of power where water tends to gather or energy tends to move rapidly below the earth's surface. Birds are sensitive to ley lines. You might recognize these lines by particularly lush greenery that grows along them, or other natural earth markers. When the ley lines cross, they create natural points of power. Many architects notice that this either makes the man-made buildings “cursed” because there is too much ambient energy for the building to hold, or highly fortunate because the building conducts energy efficiently.

Just because a place is a place of power, does not mean it will resonate for you personally. Some places will, some places won’t. You can sit and meditate in these historic places of power to see what arises within you, and that is the best way to begin understanding the energy transmissions.

In every space you go, there will be a natural point in the room that has more resonant for your energy field. When you were in that particular spot, you will feel more energized and more intuitively connected. Your boundaries will become stronger, and your senses will be heightened.

To find these points of power in your own home, experiment with sitting in different spots in a room. Even 1 or 2 inches can make a huge difference for where a chair is placed, or how you successfully position yourself when others are present. If you find a place of power that lights you up, make a gift of prayers and water into the earth. Go back to that place several times to create a connection and to learn what that particular place of power wants to offer you.

Places of power don’t give you power that you don’t have. The resonance of the place simply helps to uncover and polish the power that already exists within you. As you connect with that place, you absorb energy more easily from the earth, increasing your power naturally.



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