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My Spiritual Take on the Groundbreaking Supreme Court Decision, as an Energy Healer

This morning I woke up and the first bit of news I received was that our Supreme Court overturned the Roe ruling, which completely changes the game board with regards to women's rights in the United States.

I have to say, I wasn't surprised. But in that moment, I also felt such a clear inner conviction that NO ONE CAN TAKE MY SELF-SOVEREIGNTY away. My body is mine, no matter what rules are passed, or what experiences occur.

I know this ruling will have far reaching impacts beyond the topic of women and abortion. I know Roe vs. Wade laid the groundwork for many other human rights decisions that followed. I totally get that there will be thousands of women and young girls all across the country who won't have access to the knowledge or resources they need, if they choose to have an abortion.

I'm so thankful for organizations that are already organizing to mitigate these circumstances as much as possible.


As an energy healer, it would be easy to feel the deep grief and shame of my country rolling back laws that I've lived inside of for my whole life. At the same time, I recognize that this is EXACTLY what the age of Aquarius is about. This is yet another example of our country exploring WHY we have some of the rules we do, and what the values are that underpin them.

For all of my sensitivity to others like me who believe this Supreme Court decision was the wrong decision, I know there are also hundreds of thousands of people in the country who are celebrating, joyful, and who feel finally seen and heard by this aggressive ruling.

The fact that there's such a huge philosophical divide between hundreds of thousands of people, simply means we need more soul-based connection. We can't afford to create enemies of each other. We CAN'T afford to dismiss each other as ignorant or unfeeling, or whatever other names we may label those who do not agree with us. We can't do that. It gets us nowhere.

The real place these differences need to be resolved and a third path found is NOT in the courtroom, but in our living rooms. Around our fire pits. In our beds at night as pillow talk.

Americans aren't talking to each other about what matters. We'd rather fight with 100 strangers online and feel righteous before being blocked, vs having real conversations with even 3 people in our neighborhood who don't see things our way. We'd rather hide our truths from family members, vs. standing up and sharing what we really feel, risking being ostracized.

There's no reason our country should remain this divided about approaches to health and well being. The fact that we are divided highlights our cultural wounds around:

✅ communication

✅ deeply witnessing one another and

✅ mutual peaceful resolution

These wounds are yet another reflection of what happens when we establish a country by conquering with brute force, gaslighting and cultural violation.

We've acculturated the idea that it's okay to:

  • value certain lives and the rights of certain people over others

  • ignore the mass suffering of others for personal gain

  • use the law as a political weapon rather than as an instrument of love and balance

The experiences of native indigenous people, kidnapped-enslaved people, indentured immigrant workers, refugees, and women have all historically been framed as inferior, inhuman, or unseen many times over in US doctrine.

This is a SPIRITUAL failing, not a political one.

It isn't enough to fight legally for the rights of marginalized groups. As HEALERS, LIGHT WORKERS, and EARTH TENDERS, we have to begin to undo the toxic energetic chording that imprisons our own minds. We have to heal the spiritual illness of our culture itself through introducing new ways of being together in society.

We must work globally to shift our spiritual perspective from one of honoring and elevating a conquering mindset, to understanding that we are stronger TOGETHER with communication, compassion, and respect.

We're not going to heal our huge cultural rifts by continuing to think that winning, sneaking, and getting the last word in politically (no matter who in the masses suffers) is enough. It's NOT enough. That is narcissistic. It's a colonizing survival-fear based way of living. Yet, political parties on all sides continue to find ways to do this. Large corporations are doing this. Ultimately, it's people doing this, and using politics, wealth accumulation, and social standing as weapons.

We've got to let go of "King of the Mountain" and begin to recondition our energy based on ANCIENT understandings of a true community circle.

Real kingship--real LEADERSHIP does not enforce power over others. Rather, power is gained through:

✅ total presence

✅ mutual respect

✅ trust, and...

✅ creative solutions that lift us all out of survival.


We've been given the compassion, sensitivity, and wisdom-channel to help our communities heal selfish thinking.

We've been given energy healing tools and mindset tools to help our loved ones re-activate their original light templates so they can step out of low self-esteem, survival mentality, and armored mean-ness.

Political change DOESN'T begin with politicians. Real social justice does not begin with career activists. Mindset for a healthy society is not taught by a sick society. The change MUST begin with you and me.

Change MUST begin with the spark of love in your heart, and the hope--no, the belief--that things CAN be different!

From there, we each take one small step. If you're AWAKE to this conversation, all you need to take is one small step.

One small action.

If you're a healer, the message is already there for you, about what needs to be done in your life circle. You may need a healing for your own heart on the matters that weigh heavy. You might need to open up conversations with certain friends or loved ones about beliefs, values, and history . . .

The greatest changes don't look epic at all. They are small. They start within.

YOU are the one with the power for change, now. Your vision of this country's future is what can shape it. So what are you holding in your vision? What will you do with that?

If you're moved by this, please feel free to share it. When will things change? When we've decided to stop running from the hardest conversations in our own small circles.

❤️ Dailey Amani Little

Comic Image of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Maat saying I Decide What Happens In My Body, in response to SCOTUS Ruling  undoing Roe Vs Wade


DAILEY LITTLE is a healing practitioner, transformational life coach, ordained Priestess, and teacher who founded Healing Heart Reiki to help others navigate life with joy. She offers private sessions, and teaches classes in healing and mindset from a magical peaceful corner of the world in Northern California. For more info see:

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