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Meditation 101: Creating Your Meditation Space

Now that you've decided what kind of meditation you're doing, you'll want to create a designated meditation space so that you remain enthused. Setting up a focal point or altar in that space also creates an energetic anchor for your work, which will help magnetize you and draw you back, even on days when you'd rather be doing anything but that. 

Even if you are doing walking, dancing, or some other form of meditation that may take you outside or to a special community center, you will still want to create a small altar or focal point at home as a reminder of the work. Your home is your anchor point and (hopefully) the place you feel safest and most grounded. It is where you consolidate your energy and where you recharge every night, so you'll want to create an intentional focal spot.

You may choose to designate a whole room for meditation. If you don't have space, you might instead choose a favorite chair on your balcony, or a small space at a desk. Either way, these are the types of things you can consider adding to the space:

A Zabuton. A large comfortable cushion, back jack, or meditation chair will not only look good, but it will create so much more comfort that you'll be tempted into your inner temple all the more easily. Remember, the name of the game is comfort. If a cushion or chair doesn't feel comfortable, then don't go with it.

Incense. Smoke offerings are a traditional way to open your spirit and connect with Great Spirit, all around the world. Japanese incense often includes fragrance perfumes and they burn cleanly. Indian incenses such has Nag Champa have become so popularized they are easy to find and they smell good. You will have your choice of stick incense (easiest to burn), cone incense (often self lighting and requiring only a small fireproof tray), or natural herbs & resins (you will need a self-lighting charcoal and brazier). Incense is said to carry your wishes to Spirit. If you are sensitive to smoke, consider a small bowl of natural plants and flowers as an offering. Alternately, you can light your incense as a ceremonial gesture and then quickly put it out.

Altar Table. You can use a small table or even a stump of wood as a sacred focal point. place your incense on it and add a candle.  Focusing on the candle flame is another great meditation tool. If you have an inspiring poem or spiritual text, you can place it here as well.

This list could be much longer, but the truth is, you need very little. Meditation is not about trappings. You just need to show up.



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