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FULL MOON in Pisces

Updated: May 21, 2022

Today's FULL MOON in Pisces is at 10:21PM PST. After the intensity of that Leo moon, this full moon invites us into the cleansing that our emotions offer. Your superpower this moon is your ability to emotionally deal with what’s happening in your world. How can you dream forth your new reality? In what ways can you bring your vision and quiet dedication to the people and experiences you really want?

Full Moons are a chance for us to celebrate the fecundity of our lives. As they light up the dark night, we too can reflect with some illumination on our more subtle senses and perspectives that are sometimes forgotten.

Simple ways to celebrate this Full Moon include:

🌕 Preparing a special meal 🌕 Taking a bath surrounded by crystals, candles, and soft music 🌕 Doing some deep stretch yoga and interpretive movement 🌕 Resting in a ceremonial bed with lemon balm, fragrant sage, and an eye cover to help you slip into quiet dreaming

And as always, don’t forget to dance beneath the moon!

Blessings, Dailey

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