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Cleaning House

This evening I am cleaning my house and indulging in self care.  I love that I can put those two ideas in the same sentence and that they make sense to me, haha. I try to make house cleaning a sacred act rather than a labor of love. When I connect into that feeling of excitement about caring for this space that I tend and co-create with my small family, then simple acts like taking out the trash and washing the floor fill me with healthy pride rather than fatigue or annoyance.

One thing I love to do when I'm cleaning the house is simmer a few drops of essential oil in water. Sometimes I add flower essences. As my mood changes, I let the water simmer down, rinse out the pot, and add new concoctions. Today the mixture is lavender, juniper berries, vetivert, and rose geranium. Intuitively, these are the smells I feel drawn towards today. Their energetic correspondences just happen to fall in line with what I'm needing as well; it's a good reminder that centered intuition will lead us to the exact healing we need.

Another house cleaning trick I like to employ in order to "get into the mood," is that I'll turn up my speakers and play sound healing CD's while I step out to do laundry or run errands. This way when I get home to clean, I walk into a room that is already energetically lighter.



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