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Archangel Oracle of Life Review

This week's timely card, "Life Review," comes from Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle. Archangel Jeremiel asks us to “Take inventory of your life, and resolve to change or heal anything that is unbalanced.”

For a long while, this card always seemed to come up when I was in the throws of angst and felt like I couldn’t see clearly. The last thing I wanted to hear was, “Look at the patterns and figure out when and how this has happened before so that you can clear it out.” When you are emotionally upset, it can be very hard to ground, get calm, to perceive truth, and do the healing clearing work necessary to transform your life. In order to heal what is unbalanced, you may begin with a mental process of looking at the past, but really the resolve to create change for the future is where the healing occurs.

There may be events in our lives in which we felt powerless to create the experiences that would bring us to a place of happiness. Because of our pain, we could not connect with our power center. Even after we physically moved on, we may have forgotten to reconnect with our power center around those situations. When we do a life review, we have the opportunity to look at past events in which we may have felt disempowered, and create the healing shift that will allow us to reclaim our centeredness and feel our powerful essence.

A life review can be conducted in a number of ways. My favorite ways are either via journaling or active meditation with Reiki. Your guide for this work is Archangel Jeremiel. Jeremiel is a healing angel, often appearing in a ray of eggplant purple. He specializes in helping us to release negative emotions, to let go of situations that may have been beneficial or pleasurable but no longer serve our highest good, and to see truth unfettered by our own ego as we review the past. First, ask your self if you are struggling with a current issue. Take a mental review of the issue at hand. Are you acting from a place of love, or a place of fear? Are you being proactive, or are you simply responding to stimuli from other people?

Once you feel clear about these questions, ask yourself: When have I acted or felt similarly in my past? What situations from my past may have triggered these same feelings in my present?

For example if you struggle with being late all of the time, try to remember the very first time you were late for something. Look at the circumstances that cause your lateness. Look at your feelings.  And then go deeper. What is the root cause for this lateness?

We all heal in different ways. You may find it easiest to journal your thoughts as a way of uncovering your root cause. You may find it easiest to do a transcendental meditation, shamanic journey, or to sit quietly and ask the angels via your intuitive channel. Take a route that is most comfortable and enticing for you.

Now ask Jeremiel to help you heal these root experiences and memories. See if you can identify in your body where these old stories are being held, and send Reiki or white light to flush out those stories and welcome in a new way of being.

Resolve to make physical changes: What is one thing you can do to physically change the old pattern and support your happiness around this issue?

Resolve to make intellectual changes: How can you shift your perspective so that you step out of suffering, and remember the new empowering perspective? Answers may include writing new affirmations, reading books, seeing a therapist, making a vision board, or purchasing something visual that triggers your memory of this new way of seeing.

Resolve to make emotional changes: Release the emotional body memories that don’t serve you, either through self-Reiki, meditation, or trance/journey work. Sit with the emotions that are still left and explore them thoroughly so you have a better understanding of how you are being impacted.

Resolve to make spiritual changes: We are constantly evolving spiritually. What spiritual wisdom might inform the issue at hand? Get clear about where you receive your spiritual wisdom. You may do this through church, community events, through quiet intuitive insights, or through a vigorous hike in the mountains. We all have different ways of connecting with spirit, so check in with the truth that is there.

Life Reviews don’t have to be this detailed. They can be a simple 5 minute meditation. Many times when this card is pulled, people aren’t certain what they are supposed to be reviewing. They don't understand what their current struggle has to do with their past and don't see an immediate correlation. That’s okay too. In that case, the best thing you can do is to open yourself up to being as present as possible in your life, and looking at the causes you are currently making toward your happiness. Ask yourself,  Is there anything I am currently doing that may be inadvertently sabotaging my happiness? 

I’ll leave you with this message from Archangel Jeremiel (via Doreen Virtue): “It takes courage to look at your life. Yet, if done with compassion and a sense of humor, you’ll grow and learn from a life review. I`ll help you take stock of where you’ve been. We’ll look at what you’ve learned, and how these lessons are a valuable asset for today and tomorrow. We’ll also notice life patterns that aren’t serving your highest good, and we’ll take steps to release those patterns.”

Call on Jeremiel to help shed some light. If you are really struggling and need human helping hands, call me to schedule a Reiki with Wisdom healing session, where we will check in with your higher self, guides, and guardians to help facilitate the energy work of healing.




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